Saturday, 10 December 2016


One of the reasons I rested up last Sunday was because I needed to have the energy to get me to an appointment in Salisbury on Monday.
For the last couple of years I've been having an issue with one particular tooth and am now at the stage where I needed to consult a specialist about it.
Extraction or a reworking of a root canal are the options.
Neither choice is great.
I managed to squeeze in tiny amount of Christmas shopping before heading home and buying the Christmas edition of the Radio Times certainly cheered me up.

Tuesday was a quieter day than normal at work and for that I was very thankful.

Another new set of festive bedding this week.
Again this was purchased in a sale after last Christmas.
Love the little houses and the colours are very CK.

I've had some lovely little gifts from my sister in our advent swap and this pumpkin brooch is one of my favourites so far. It's going to be a while before I get to wear it though!

By Wednesday I was feeling loads better than I had been at the weekend, which was good news as I was due to go Christmas shopping with my mum and two sisters. 
It was good fun being out with them and by the end of the day I had lots more things ticked off my list.

With spending Monday and Wednesday out and about I haven't had chance to get much festive decorating done around the house, just the odd item here and there.

Each evening I've spent a short time wrapping up a couple of presents and am loving making stars to decorate them with.
Stars made with drinking straws.
Who'd have guessed it was possible.
Thread them together and form into a pentagon.
Give them a twist and hey presto a star appears.

We were due to put up our Christmas tree Friday evening but it's been postponed until Sunday as S had a friend round for a sleep over.

So instead of a decorated tree to finish off this post here is how I've hidden the £5.00 inside a box of chocolates which I will be sending over to each my friend's 2 teenage sons.


  1. Will they know there's money inside? My boys would always give me that chocolate.....

  2. I hope you got some answers about your tooth. Did you go through the Radio Times highlighting all the programmes you want to watch? I used to do that when we bought it but we don't bother now we've got Sky+. What a great idea hiding money in chocolates, they'll be surprised when they go to eat it. We were supposed to be decorating the house before Eleanor came home from uni but it got put on hold with me not being so well so our tree will go up today too.

  3. Teeth are so often problematic from the time we get them to the time we lose them!!!
    Over the years I've had to have wisdom teeth out and also a back double tooth, which had given me problems and so much pain, I just wanted it out!!! Thank goodness, once it was out I was ok ... and touch wood things are ok at the moment. Sure sign that next week I'll be writing about a problem! Fingers crossed I hope not ...
    Anyway, I do hope you get your tooth problem resolved - thinking of you.

    Love the idea of hiding the £5-00 note.

    Really like your pumpkin brooch, and your Christmas bedding is very festive, I love the colours.

    I still find it hard to believe that Christmas is just under two weeks away, where has this year gone to ...

    Hope you have a good week

    All the best Jan

  4. I hope your dental problem has been sorted. I've had a similar visit to the dentist last month. Not fun, but it had to be done. I like your white candle with the little red hearts - Christmassy but you can have that on display around Valentine's Day too. The stars made with drinking straws is brilliant- I might give that a try. Have a lovely, restful week! x

  5. Clever!!!!! I hope they find it ok!!!!
    Sorry you haven't been well, that's really annoying and rotten.
    Love your pumpkin and the festive bedding. The star straw idea is very canny! I like it!!xx

  6. I love the festive bedding, the straw star and the special sweet! I hope you a feeling better now Lisa. x

  7. You've been busy! Love the straw star idea. And good luck with your dental woes... ouch! xx