Wednesday, 21 December 2016


It's been 11 days since my last post. 
I had hoped my December blogging would have been a bit more frequent than this.
Of course I've been busy, working my way down a never ending list of Christmas prep, just like everyone else is I'm sure.

Something else has made blogging difficult, being without internet access for nearly one week.
It was all to do with Windows 10 and our internet supplier.
No big deal in the whole scheme of things but a bit frustrating and so I am way behind in reading everyone else's news.

Another frustrating situation followed once that one was solved.
We ordered a new cooker on the Sunday, it was delivered on the Tuesday, the electrician cancelled on the Wednesday but arrived on the Thursday to wire it in, he told us it's kilo wattage was incompatible with our electric socket.
I didn't know this was a thing I should know about.
I rang the company we bought the cooker from and they said 'no problem, choose another'.
So I did.
Saturday morning the wrong cooker was collected and the right cooker was delivered and then Sunday morning the electrician came back and wired it in place.
Again no big deal but it just throws things out when there is already so much else going on.

I have been cracking on with the present wrapping though and am nearly done.
I thought I'd share
the gifts I bought for my sister C for Christmas as I know some of you like to see what I amass for her, so here are the ones she'll be opening this year.
I can't quite remember the prices for all items but they do total just under £10.

Each of these tops were £1 a piece.

C chose the pink long length sleeveless top herself and this was another £1. I love the dark blue fluffy top in the middle photo. The polka dot items will look good in her kitchen, these were 30p each and  the robin candle was £1 also.
The bag was brand new and £1.

These little house decorations were 60p.

No present for C would be complete with a mug and this 50p one is perfectly decorated for the winter season.

The most expensive item is the one I think she'll like the most. This little Kiss sign was £1.80 and bought from a branch of Cargo which was having a closing down sale.

As well as conventional wrapping I've been doing a bit of origami.

My nephew has gone part time at work as he is studying with the OU.
This means his income has dropped.
So I thought a voucher for him to have a little treat would be a good idea.
I didn't want to just give him a voucher in an envelope so I bought a pack of J2O drinks and labelled this as 'for a night in' and then following origami instructions online I made a Christmas tree and slotted a Wetherspoons voucher in the back and labelled this as 'for a night out'.
My sister says he and his girlfriend like going to the cinema and as there is a Wetherspoons close by they'll be able to have a meal before the movie and make an evening out of it.


  1. That is a lovely gift idea for your nephew! Very thoughtful. Great finds for your sister too.

    It is frustrating when things go wrong and throw everything out of kilter, even if they aren't a big deal in the grand scheme. I'm glad it's all sorted now!

    I've not blogged yet in December - no particular reason, just laziness, being busy at school, spending a lot of time reading and not having a great deal to blog about! I do have a post to get up in very soon though.

    Hope you have a merry and fun filled Christmas!

  2. I'm glad you got your cooker sorted out, you wouldn't want to be without that at Christmas. I always like to see what you've bought for C, you do so well with £10, your nephew's gift is a good idea too.

  3. Oh it is SO frustrating when things don't go according to plan especially at this time of year, but good that things eventually got sorted.

    Well done on your purchases for 'C' - a great lot of goodies which she will love.

    Thanks for sharing your nephew's gift idea too - looks great.

    Wishing you and yours a Merry Christmas and all good things for the New Year too !

    All the best Jan

  4. These are lovely, thoughtful gifts and I'm sure they will be well received. I like the origami Christmas tree too. Good to hear all the things have been sorted out although I do feel your frustrations especially at this time of year when there are so many things to organise and prepare for.
    Wishing you and your family a happy Christmas and a peaceful, healthy New Year! x

  5. Great origami Lisa! Wishing you and your family a Happy Christmas and a Happy and Healthy New Year! x

  6. Hello again! I have replied to your comment beneath it on my own blog but thought I'd copy it here too in case you don't see it...

    Thanks, it was a great place to stay for a few days peace! I've not read any of those Rivers of London books, that was one of the books Dave read while we were away but I might give them a try one day!

    Doctor Who was ok for me... I didn't like the Amercian-ness in this one or the superhero aspect. I don't think it was the greatest episode by a long way but it was alright. I didn't like PC at first (but then I never like new Doctors at first!) but he's grown on me. I'm really not happy about the new companion though based on the trailer at the end of the Christmas episode, she seems totally wrong!

    Hope you had a good Christmas :)