Friday, 22 June 2018

Food and Drink

I made a mistake with the date for this first one. 
I thought that it was held on 2nd June but in fact the 1st June is Doughnut Day.
This is my take on it and yes I know it looks nothing like a doughnut, but bear with me.
A hole is cut from the middle of the crumpet thus making it resemble a ring doughnut!
That's my excuse for trying this concoction for Saturday morning breakfast.
The crumpet is very lightly fried in a couple of squirts of that one cal spray and then an egg is gently tipped into the hole in the centre.
I got this breakfast idea from Emily who posts on Instagram under What I Ate For Breakfast.
If you love eggs and breakfast and eggs for breakfast then you'll need to follow her posts.

We then hop along to 5th June and my take on Sausage Roll Day. These are Higgidy feta and red pepper rolls and they are delicious. I bought some to include in my picnic lunch when I went to Osborne House and the rest went in the freezer ready to be enjoyed in the park on my lunch break.

The following day (6th June) was Apple Sauce Cake Day and if you click on that link it will take you to the recipe I used to bake this beauty. So quick and easy and one of the most delicious cakes I've ever baked. The recipe suggests using cinnamon but S isn't keen so I just used mixed spice instead. We use golden granulated sugar at home and I think this helped give the cake an extra boost in flavour.

We now skip to Sunday 10th June and Iced Tea Day. I looked at making my own but there was so much differing info about whether it should be hot or cold infused and to add sugar or sugar syrup that in the end I just bought some.
At least I knew I was going to like that!

For World Meat Free Day I made myself and G these Marmite and mushroom tarts from details posted by another Instagrammer kateveggiedesserts. G doesn't like Marmite so I didn't tell him it was included, it just enhanced the flavour. Next time I shall add some cheese.

We're round to another weekend and with Saturday 16th June being Fudge Day there was only one choice of ice cream for me to go for when G and I went out, clotted cream with fudge pieces.
Yes it was as good as it sounds.

June 19th was Cherry Tart Day and as this day was taken up with travelling to and from Cambridge for S's annual eye check up I took the easy route of wearing cherries.

20th June was Ice Cream Soda Day. I can't remember the last time I had one of these although I do quite clearly remember the first time I had one when I was a child and we were visiting family friends.
I loved it then but I'm not so keen now.

June posts have got a little out of sync for one reason and another and a couple of days have been missed so I must just pop the adorable duo of Melvin and Malcolm onto the end of this one.
4th June was officially Hug Your Cat Day but to be honest most days in our home called be given that title.


  1. I think my favourite food there was the clotted cream and fudge ice cream, but I love the sound of the feta and red pepper rolls too. Melvin and Malcolm are very handsome and look like they enjoy a good cuddle xx

  2. Awww, look at those handsome boys, you've got them looking right into the camera, Archie turns his head if I point the camera at him. Lots of delicious goodies there but I think my favourite has to be the ice-cream. It's years since I've had an ice-cream float, I think I may have to indulge just to see if they're as I remember them.

  3. Love that last photograph!

    Really like the sound of clotted cream … I like it with strawberries … and yes, you can get an ice cream with those ingredients!

    Lovely post …

    All the best Jan