Monday, 2 July 2018

End of June

A round up of the final week from June.

Nothing sounds like more like the 1980s for me than Wham! so on what would have been George Michael's 55th birthday I made mini Careless Wispa chocolate cheesecakes.

This was followed by Chocolate Pudding Day on 26th. I have a ton of recipes I could have baked but I had no inclination to stand in a hot kitchen so cheated and went for the simple and cooler option in the form of this yogurt. It was very tasty and is something which will now be a regular feature in our shopping basket.

I have used my mini sunglasses brooch in my daily activities on a previous occasion but it is too cute not to have worn for Sunglasses Day.  Due to this I also marked Pineapple Day on 27th by switching my phone case to this new one which is suitably tropical for the day and the weather.

We stay with the accessories for the next two days.
Are You Being Served's John Inman was born on 28th June and his character was often seen sporting a tape machine around his neck, ready to whip off for a bit of inside leg measurement taking!

Camera Day was on Friday 29th. I still remember how excited I was to receive my very first camera as a birthday present. It was a Halina camera with a great big green button on the top to press when taking the photo and when you wanted to take a photo with a flash you had to attach the bulb separately.

G was away at a music festival this weekend and I had ordered this movie to settle down and watch on Saturday night to mark the birthday of Susan Hayward. It didn't arrive in time so maybe we'll end up watching it together at some point soon.


  1. A great collection. I always admire how you can find ways to mark so many little occasions!

  2. Yes, I agree with Louise here …
    Great post and a great collection.
    You do so well marking these occasions.
    I love those mini red sunglasses.

    All the best Jan

  3. You are having great fun with this birthday challenge and being v creative! I love it!