Thursday, 26 November 2009

simple pleasures

I'm pleased to be able to report that S is over her nasty cold and is very happy to have been able to return to school today.

Being indoors has meant that I have been able to start doing a bit of this

and yesterday saw a bit of this

because it was my sister's birthday. As her birthday is 25th November it acts as a marker for the month before Christmas countdown.

A job that has needed doing now for a while was finding and framing this embroidery I bought a couple of months ago from Etsy. I managed to escape the house for a couple of hours on Sunday and found the frame and yesterday it found a new home on top of the little ledge made by the tongue and groove that runs around our bedroom walls. I think she's so elegant, right down to her little tipped up nose. Please click on the photo to see her properly.

This morning the house has been very quiet with just me and Tilly here. I have tried to get through the household jobs as quickly as possible as I'm planning on a bit more wrapping, a tentative try at some stitching and a little time reading this

with a cup of tea and a caramel wafer, flavoured with cinnamon, placed over the top so it gently warms through and becomes all gooey and delicious.

Simple pleasures.


  1. Glad to hear S is better and you're treating yourself in the right way! ;-)
    Beautiful unwrapping! I've just received my Secret Santa Swap parcel :)

  2. I love the mug in that photo! (Mugs are one of the things I can never, ever resist) And why I never thought of the caramel wafer idea before, I just don't know! ;-)

    Simple pleasures really are the best sort of pleasures!

  3. So many snuggly things happening in your house... i need to start thinking about wrapping my presents next week and of course work on my Christmas cards

    Victoria xx

  4. Hi Lisa

    Sorry I've not been into blogging of late.

    My simple pleasure is hot chocolate with marshmallows!


  5. Pleased S is better!
    Your presents look lovely!

  6. Thank you for the lovely comment!
    Boy that biscuit looks yummy, will ahve to try that1
    Have a fab weekend!x

  7. OMG Totton!!
    That's where I shop, I shall have to come find you now!
    Where are you working??

  8. My simple pleasure is sitting and watching a favorite old movie - without interruption - which is a rarity around here!!

  9. I love that embroidery, Lisa - just gorgeous. And the caramel wafer idea is going to be tried out in this household VERY soon - could even be this afternoon! Caroline x

  10. Lisa,

    That looks like a gorgeous day to me. Did a bit of a double take when I saw your caramel wafer, that is what we call a stroopwafel, I did not know that you could get those in the UK.
    Love the fact that you are so organised about Christmas, I just now realised that it is only 4 weeks from now!

  11. Yes I do shop at asda and barnados cs!
    I realised I should have emailed you instead, but whatever!
    I'm having my haircut on Tuesday at 10 if you want to meet up, what with the great choice of tea rooms and all lol!

  12. Oooh loks all wintery and heavenly at the same time, the caramel wafer has my mouthwatering!

  13. Hi Lisa,

    I am getting on with wrapping too otherwise I just dont enjoy it as it becomes last minute chore! I like your holly paper.

    Glad S is on the mend. My simple pleasure is just being!Everday I find hundreds of things to inspire and engage me........

    Love Sarah x

  14. So glad S is feeling better. Doesn't it feel great to get a good jump on Christmas wrapping!

  15. Oh my, how festive! The beautiful blog decorations, the crowd in the comment box, and all of your holiday preparations!! I'm a bit wistful, though, because that issue of Country Living won't reach my book shop for another couple of weeks. The waiting is painful! Have fun crafting!

  16. Hello found your blog through Katherines Dream. Can you tell me which Etsy site you found the embroidery on?

  17. Hi Lisa,
    I love your Deco lady she is indeed very elegant.Your holly Christmas tags are great. I wish I could get motivated and start wrapping a few Christmas pressies.
    Ann x

  18. Hello Lisa! I'm trying to catch up with all my blogging friends, having been a bit too busy recently to blog myself. Glad to hear that S is better now. Hope you're enjoying your treats, you deserve them!
    Thank you so much for the mention about the book! I am so glad you are pleased with it!
    Take care