Monday, 30 November 2009

weekend buys

I prefer the blog posts I do on a Monday after we've had a weekend where we've gone out for walks or gone to nice places together as a family but this weekend wasn't like that,partly due to the weather and partly because sometimes other stuff just has to be done. Instead there was a lot of shopping. There was a quick grocery shop, there was a trip to buy new school shoes for T as well as new swimmers. Each afternoon for the next 3 weeks his class will be going for swimming lessons at the pool of another local school, much more fun than normal lessons! There was also a trip to buy new cushions for the sofa. I fell in love with this throw and luckily G liked it too so the choice was a joint one.

We already had the blanket on the back of the chair. I like the fact that the cushions are a mix of colours and styles. It's looking cosier now.

Monday's, now I'm in my new back to work routine, have now been designated as housework day. As well as the boring stuff I've also been doing more exciting festive things like hanging up the advent calendars ready for tomorrow, drinking tea out of my new (charity shop find) mug

and putting away our normal cruet set and replacing it with these smiley snowmen.

Did you spot that luscious candy striped wool blanket under my mug? I bought 2 of them of them 50p each. I nearly squealed with delight when I spotted them in the charity shop. And being the kind sister I am, or is it because I'm running out of storage space?, I have told C she can have one. I'm sharing the candy stripe love!
My 3rd charity shop purchase was this skirt. It still has the tags attached so have never been worn. It was difficult to get a photo to show it off clearly and hanging it over the back of the chair to try and show off the embroidery still doesn't do it justice.

Lastly a BIG thank you to everyone who has left a comment recently, old friends and new visitors.


  1. Your Christmas mug looks great as do your other festive goodies

    Victoria xx

  2. So many lovely things in this post! Well done on T's swimming lesson, I love swimming too! The sofa looks great and so festive now! Very precious your skirt's embroidery!

  3. The sofa looks so cosy now, just right for siting on drinking hot chocolate out of your new Christmas mug.

    Jo xx

  4. Ooooh I love your little smiley snowmen, they are so cute. I'm a Monday housework girl as well.

    Have a great day!!

  5. Hi
    just got back from Totters, sorry I didnt read your comment to meet up, until now.

    I am quite busy making christmas stuff for a fayre I'm doing, but I will probably be going to totton again before Christmas.

    I shall let you know when, maybe we could have tea in the cafe next to holts.


  6. You are a super dooper thrifty shopper! The living room is looking cosy. xx

  7. Hi Lisa,

    I really love your festive mug! and so nice to share your candy stipe booty!
    I know what you mean about hectic weekends and week days! I am not sure how to get the house clean, maybe if I stick a broom........ hmm wel you know what I mean!

    Sarah x

  8. Adore your cruet set... Snowmen really are the jolliest things.
    Did you get a chocolate in your advent calendar?

  9. Oooh, what a lot of lovely things, Lisa. Love your throw and cushions, and have serious skirt jealously. Am just off to town for a wander around the charity shops and to meet a friend I've not seen for ages for a coffee, so fingers crossed for a bargain or two! x