Tuesday, 1 December 2009


There was an air of anticipation here this morning due to wondering what would be found behind the first door on our advent calendars. Pulling back the curtains and finding the frost certainly added to that tingly feeling!

This year Grandma has bought T and S's from the gift shop at Salisbury cathedral and they are really stunning, so much detail in both of them.

T's is a snowy Christmas market scene

and S has a 7 storey house which looks like a wintery wedding cake.

S was so excited last night about the impending calendar countdown and the fact there are so many festive things happening at school this week that when bedtime came around she just didn't want to part with the hat she had been wearing for most of the evening.


  1. This is so sweet. Happiness.

  2. Sweetest photo ever. Even if it is a wee bit disturbing that she has Dora's arm sticking out of her face... (or is it some other cartoon heroine??)

  3. Oh she's so cute! Despite her hat, she looks like an angel!

  4. How sweet, and such lovely advent calendars!
    Sally x

  5. I am going to steal your baby - she is just too cute!!Bless her - she is going to get really giddy as the days go on.

  6. What a beautiful littl girl!! She looks so cute asleep in her Santa hat!!


  7. Ah bless her!!! I think I would keep my hat on if I looked that cute!!!
    I love advent calendars, when we were little my Mum kept the same one for years! My brother and I used to tell her what was behind the door before we opened it!!!
    It was a Christmas tradition!!

  8. Can you believe that I still have yet to actually open my advent calendar... on the plus side it means I get a lot of chocs one morning!

    Victoria xx

  9. Hello Lisa
    There are some lovely Christmas calendars out there. I love the one you have bought.
    That is such a sweet photo, very angelic looking!
    Warm wishes
    Isabelle x

  10. Oooh your little girl is such a cutie!

    Love the advent calenders! they are lovely. Before we had our girls Dh insisted that we had advent calenders, he always like the picture ones wondering what pictures to open. I made our one last year, its one where you put stuff in the pockets. There are some tree decs for the girls to dress their tree in their room. But sadly last and this year due to not being organised I have succumed to them having chocs in there as well. Must do better next year.

    I love your snowmen from your previous post too they are gorgeous!

    Take care


  11. What a precious little girl.Christmas is so special,more so when seen through a child's eyes.
    Lovely advent calenders too.Thanks for dropping by and leaving a nice comment.