Monday, 7 December 2009

festive fun

It's been a busy week. After 2 weeks away from volunteering at the charity shop I returned last Wednesday and the morning there sped by. The shop was constantly full with customers and it seemed that just about everyone who came in bought something.
On Thursday S's school held what they were calling the Christmas Extravaganza. They were trying something new this year, the whole thing was outside in the playground. Thankfully it was dary but my goodness it was so cold. S's class contribution was Jingle Bells which was sung very well by one and all, though of course I may be a little biased there!
Thursday evening I went out for a meal with a group of friends I haven't seen for nearly a year. We all used to work together, those days are long gone but thankfully the friendships remain, although we all agreed we shouldn't have left it a year since our last get together.
There were some crackers left over at the end of the evening and it was suggested to me that I take them home for T and S. The next morning I put them on the table ready for when they came down for breakfast along with some Christmas foil confetti that had been inside one of my cards.

This wasn't the only hat S wore on Friday. The children had to make an Eco themed hat to wear at their special Christmas lunch that day and S was lucky enough to win a prize for hers!
On Saturday S and I joined my mum and sisters for a trip to Lymington. We had a lovely day out there just over a year ago, it's a lovely place to visit for a spot of Christmas mooching.

Even the stained glass on this building was looking festive.

I managed to buy a couple more gifts so the gift shopping is nearly, nearly done. I also bought this lovely festive jug

and from a junk shop this little fairy for the bargainous price of 50p. She's going to sit on my chest of drawers keeping an eye on my trinkets.

Yesterday we went to a local country park to visit a craft fair they hold annually and also to get out in the fresh air whilst we had some sun. The children had great fun running up and down the artificial cricket strip and always played a game of who can through the stick the furthest.
Great look of concentration from S.

And a look of celebration from T.

Once bath time was complete and they were both in PJ's it was time to sit down, with mince pies, and write to Father Christmas. T asked for a Dr Who fob watch, a remote control R2D2 and a remote control K9. S asked for a pink scooter, a rubber (eraser) and a motorbike.

Today being Monday means it's housework day, although there have been a few stops for cups of tea from my pudding teapot. The little pudding next to it is a purchase from the craft fair yesterday. It's a dinky little cover for a Ferreo Rocher chocolate, isn't that sweet!

We have taken the tree down from out of the loft today and so over this coming week we hope to get the house looking more festive. It's getting exciting!


  1. You've been so busy, but you had also a lot of fun! Your children have the most sweet smile I've ever seen!

  2. I LOVE how S's requests range from super-fancy to mundane - how like a 4.5-year-old! I might even be able to supply one of those...

    Such a festive post in every way - you're putting me in a Christmas-y mood for sure!

  3. Sounds like you have had a fun few days doing nice Christmasy things with your kids . Your Christmas pudding tea pot is great and the matching chocolate cover so sweet.
    Ann x

  4. Oh that fairy is so cute!

    Victoria xx

  5. Your teapot is just the most gorgeous thing! I totally want one too, I love the little chocolate cover, fun and an idea that for some reason just appeals to me.
    You are really getting into the Christmas spirit and enjoying that by the looks of it. I love that. Thanks for your comment on my blog, you are just too right.
    Like the Christmas jug too, you have really put me in a Christmas mood now.

  6. oh such a lovely few days, thanks for your comment when joshy was ill, sorry its taken me so long to reply, i was exhausted! we never got round to doing the dock yard because of poor joshy i so wanted to go, did you make it?i love your tea pot, and fairy and jug, fliss xx

  7. I used to go shopping to Lymington with my mum when I lived in Bournemouth - it's a great place for a wander from what I remember. x

  8. I love Lymington - its a gorgeous little place. Your 2 look as if they are totally enjoying the build up to Christmas! xxxxx
    PS thanks for your lovely comments on my blog. I do try and squeeze the last drop out of a good time!!!

  9. My you have been busy, but it sounds like you have had a great time!!
    I definitely don't believe you were biased about the singing!! You have the cutest kids!!
    I love the Christmas pud teapot, and the chocolate cover!!!


  10. Oh so festive! And how do you manage to fit it all in? I LOVE your pudding teapot!

  11. I’m loving the teapot!

    You have been busy…I hope the tree is up now!

    Love Lou xxx

  12. Love the jug and the little rocher choc cover,although mine wouldn't be hanging around long enough for a cover!!Lovely pics of the children too.Enjoy all the festivities.


  13. Will be thinking of you decorating your tree over the weekend. What a wonderful and lovely family you have!

  14. Good Blog! Saludos Desde Argentina! Bye!

  15. Lisa, I so miss your blog when I can't check in, it is just so refreshingly simple and joyous and your children are lovely! Thank you for making my days brighter!