Friday, 11 December 2009


A couple of days ago I received a brown box of goodies. I signed up to take part in a Secret Santa swap and on Thursday morning a parcel arrived much to my (and T and S's) excitement.
My Secret Santa is Angel and this is a peek of my gorgeously wrapped goodies. I'm sure you can guess which item the children spied first, yep the candy canes! These are now hanging on the tree.

Each little parcel was wrapped up in green or red tissue paper or a fabulous white one decorated with little reindeer. The children were very keen to help me with the gift opening, so I let them take turns pulling the trailing ends on the little bows, there's something so exciting about that part I think.

And here are all my lovely gifts. I have been a truly lucky girl. There was an apron which I quickly slipped on and S declared I looked fantastic in, quite a compliment! Notelets decorated with cupcakes, a travel bag of L'Occtaine smellies, a CK handbag mirror, a dotty notebook and pen set, an angel decoration, 2 Christmas themed cross stitch kits, some lovely bead bracelets, a glass candle holder and 2 fabulously scented cinnamon and sugar yankee candles.
Thank you so much Angel I really do love them all.

Whilst out shopping the other evening I picked up the Christmas edition of the Radio Times. I never buy this any other time of the year but it is a must have each Christmas. We always had one when I was younger. It's part of the things that make Christmas, although I hardly watch TV the rest of the year and there is generally too much happening this time of year to make viewing any easier. But there will be a couple of must sees for us on the box this year. Dr Who, I don't want DT to leave!, and the new Cranford should be an absolute treat as well.

How cute is this? It's a little holiday souvenir of a Swiss chalet. I saw it sat in the window of a charity shop on Wednesday as I was passing to go to the one I volunteer in and it stopped me in my tracks as it reminded me so much of my dad. I miss him every single day and it's so much harder at this time of year as he loved Christmas and all the fun and laughter it brings. And I miss his fun and laughter.
The reason it reminds me of dad is he loved yodelling and the serene scenery of this part of the world. If you look through the window at the back of the house and press down the chimney it shows different slides of Switzerland.

On the way home from work I had to nip into town to pick up a present for S and saw this biscuit tin in BHS. I love the styling of the advertisement but won't be keeping it as it's destined as a gift for G's cousin and his wife.


  1. Gosh Lisa!!!! What a fabulous and generous parcel you received from Angel! She's such a kind and lovely lady, isn't she?
    So cute the Swiss chalet, I've got a similar bit in the kitchen for the weather, when the weather is fine there's a man coming out..when it is rubbish...there's a woman!
    I'm sure your dear Dad is at your side and he's smiling at seeing your find.
    I wrote you an e-mail yesterday for the parcel you sent me..did you receive it? xxx

  2. Hello you!

    What lovely treats you received - enjoy.... Thank you for your lovely words you left across at mine.

    Hope fully for us both Christmas will be full of joy whilst keeping our loved ones warm in our hearts.

    Loved the little chalet!

    Love Lydia xx

  3. All really really lovely. I enjoyed the Victorian Farm Christmas last night. We also used to buy the radio and tv times only at Christmas, but it takes so long to "plan" your viewing these days what with all the (mainly rubbish) channels. xxx

  4. Great package! So please everyone made such an effort to sent lovely gifts to each other x

    Love your little Chalet!

    Lots of Love

    Kelly xxxx

  5. Fabulous swap package!

    We only buy the Radio Times at Christmas too!

    Victoria xx

  6. How lovely!! Quebec in Canada....!