Sunday, 20 December 2009


I have been a very lax blogger so far this month. I am not very good at being organised and time wasting rather than time managment seems to be closer the mark for me. Like so many others I had oodles of ideas of all I wanted to accomplish this month but unlike those who are far more organised and more suitably skilled I have failed dismally!

This past week T and S have had their class parties and T took part in the school orchestra concert. School has now ended for the Christmas break and I've finished work too and if that wasn't enough the mini snowfall, despite it's quick disappearance, very quickly managed to send the excitement levels to new dizzying heights.

On Friday evening we went to the local shops where a festive Christmas evening of entertainment had been planned. The proceedings kicked off with a lantern procession over the bridge. This was my favourite one.

And this is my favourite girl!

We wandered around a craft fair, popped into one of the charity shops who were selling all items for £1 or less (!), bought a bag of chips for tea and we were hoping to listen to the advertised musical entertainment but because it was so very cold it was cancelled. Despite the incredibly cold temperature lots of people did attend the event and I hope they try and make it an annual event.
Yesterday was a lovely day catching up with family who came to visit. Lunch was eaten and presents were exchanged accompanied by lots of chatting and merry Christmas wishes.
Later in the afternoon S helped me to make mini gingerbread houses. She got a bit fed up with them as they were so fiddly to ice together being mini ones and so I after the first was completed I was left to finish off the rest. They tasted very nice though!

Hope everyone is having a happy and warm weekend.


  1. Oh yummy..I was just looking for a dessert after dinner! The procession with lanterns sounds like a lovely event to attend!
    I've been buried at home all the weekend, snow and ice everywhere and tomorrow is getting even worse! If the weather won't change during the next pressies for anyone!
    P.S.Your swap package to your partner was just..wonderful!

  2. I know what you mean about the cold on Friday evening we were out and about in it too but came back earlier than we expected, I couldn't feel my fingers even with gloves on!

    Jo xx

  3. Mini gingerbread houses? I'm there! yum yum yum my favourite, brilliant idea Lisa. i am going to have a go tommorrow!

    Merry Christmas to you and yours Lisa, have a magical Christmas and I hope you get some wonderful presies as you are such a thoughtful present buyer!

    Sarah x

  4. doesnt she look wonderful with her lantern and stripey i yearn for those times again

  5. She always looks so utterly adorable! Have you had any snow yet? Many many thanks for my lovely Christmas card - you are so thoughtful. Lots of love. xxxxxx

  6. There is something so magical about lantern walks. And gingerbread houses, to be sure!

  7. A lantern walk sounds lovely, i bet you had great fun!!! I love gingerbread - so gingerbread houses!! Perfect!

  8. Those kind of events are just brilliant fun, particularly at this time of the year. Fantastic that you take time to enjoy the season like that.
    As to the mini ginger bread houses, what a completely fab idea! I adore them, but can see how they would be a bit fiddly.

  9. Ahh look a your best girl! She looks so cute with her lantern!
    The gingerbread houses look great, I bet you had fun!!!

  10. Those mini gingerbread houses are so cute!!

    Victoria xx

  11. It's not a failure when we don't get everything done!!! You'll have managed the most important things! Look at your happy little girl! How fun to go on a lantern walk!

  12. Hiya Lisa, Thanks for stopping by my blog recently. Have a lovely Christmas! TVK x