Monday, 12 April 2010


Treats through the post first.

A couple of weeks ago I blogged about some gorgeous new buttons I had bought to pretty up 2 coats that had been hanging unworn in my wardrobe foe a while. (These have now been sewn on.)
After reading this post Diane sent me a message saying If Iliked she would send me some more buttons to 'play with'. Yes please I answered. Well along with a wonderful stash of lovely buttons she sent us some heart shaped pasta. The children were thrilled just as much as me!

Look away now Diane! I have had an accident with the corsage!
To help get me inspired with what to do the buttons Diane included this corsage she had made. As I went to photograph it this morning I dropped it on our bedroom floorboards, the top button split in half and quickly rolled away down a gap between the boards! I'm going to have to do some repair work!
Thank you again Diane for your kindness.
When I bought my coat buttons I also bought this big green one. I have backed it with felt and sewn on a pin and it's now on the lapel of another coat.
In with Diane's buttons was a yellow and purple one just like this so I'm now spoilt for colour choice!

The postman bought me another parcel just before Easter. This one come from Italy and contained these very pretty craft pegs from Michela. I know life has been super busy for her these past few weeks and yet she found the time to buy and send out gifts. Thank you so much Michela.

These are my 2 charity shop buys from our day out on Saturday. A sparkly pink brooch for 99p.

And this pattern for 50p. Aren't they just so stylish. Not sure what I'll do with them yet. Maybe a beauty contest like the old days!

I haven't bought a weekend newspaper for AGES. I used to love buying a paper on a Saturday and wading through the extra supplements, but that was before we 2 became 3 and then became 4.
Yesterday though whilst out shopping for food for lunch I bought one. I knew I would have a bit of spare reading time as for the next few days we are down to just 3 again here. T has gone to stay with Auntie D and Grandma until Thursday. I shall miss him but I know he'll be having a great time with them.

And to top off last night I spent 2 hours in front of the TV with Michael Kitchen in a new Foyle's War. He's got such lovely eyes!


  1. Hi Lisa..I think you spoiled me the surprise, as Diane informed me that she popped something Italian in the post for me ;-)
    That man looks terribly alike Boy George!
    Have a good week!

  2. There's nothing better than having enough time to read a weekend paper! Enjoy time to yourself! And I love that pattern - I rather fancy a dress like that myself :-)

  3. OOpps - Yes I have sent "Coals to Newcastle" - or rather Pasta to Italy!!! I love your other finds Lisa and I'm glad you liked your parcel. xxx

  4. Worry not about the pasta cat - Michela has another suprise too - I can't believe how long the post takes to get to Italy!!! When did you become Tea and Toast and not Jelly and Jumble??

  5. I love Foyles War!!! Great gifts though!!!

  6. How lovely to get presents through the post!!!

  7. Oh there definitely is something about mr kitchen's eyes... Lovely gifts you received, have fun with them and I'm sure that corsage can be repaired, Enjoy the rest of the holidays

  8. Lovely to catch up with your blog.
    I enjoy the Sunday mags that come with our paper...nice recipes every week,and girly stuff!
    Those dress patterns made me laugh.I can remember my mother wearing dresses like that!

    Bellaboo :0)

  9. Tea and Toast? And that ISN'T Boy George?

    I was sure that the fever portion of my illness was over, but perhaps I'm delirious!

  10. LOVE those butterfly pegs - so cute! Glad you're all having a fun Easter Hol - hasn't it gone by quickly ?