Friday, 23 April 2010

spring colour

A local wildlife group held a fund raising event last Sunday which we wandered round to. These events in the community can be a bit hit and miss but it's nice to pop along and show support.

There were lots of fairground sideshow type games for the children to try their hand at and also a traditional Punch and Judy show for entertainment.

We took a picnic with us and from our spot on the grass we spied this rabbit hutch for sale at a nearby ironmonger's shop. A bit different wouldn't you say?

Our route home took us via the pond where T had gone fishing with his friend the other week and here T and G found some extremely long branches for a bit of Jedi fighting.

S was not to be left out and found her own so she too could take part.

As she is beginning to get herself settled and sorted in her new home my sister has been out looking in second hand furniture shops for a couple of old wardrobes which would be suitable for painting and shabby chic-ing up a bit. Whilst out helping her look last week I bought an old dining chair. It was only £1 and a bit tatty looking but I've spent an afternoon in the garden giving it a sanding down and a coat or two of duck egg blue paint and it's now looking much better. The seat needs covering so I'm not ready to reveal it yet, so instead of my work in progress I'm showing Nature's working in progress in our garden.
The clematis trailing over from next door is covered with buds.

The cherry blossom is white and frothy and completely gorgeous.

And the bluebells are making an appearance now too.

Yesterday I went to visit a friend who has recently retired from our place of work. She has just acquired a 9 week old Yorkshire terrier who is the smallest, cutest and bounciest little bundle of fur.
My friend lives near to a huge selection of charity shops which I quickly zoomed around before going to meet Poppy the puppy.
I was thrilled to find this lovely little wicker basket for £2.99. The lady who served me said her daughter has one like it in her dining room. All year round it is filled with fir cones except for at Christmas when she piles it high with baubles. I like that idea, although I think I'll be using mine for shopping.

And look at all these new pieces of jewellery. All of them priced at £1.00 each. The assistant in this shop said all the pieces they sell are over stock and returns from supermarket and department store ranges. It may not look it, but I was very restrained, more could have been purchased!


  1. You certainly got some bargains there. Cant wait to see the finished chair. I will be doing much the same tomorrow only to an old pine rocking chair which now lives on the verandah of my (freshly painted) summerhouse.

  2. Great finds! lovely photos, thanks for sharing xxx

  3. You all look like you have been having a great time!! Great buys!! can't wait to see your chair!!

  4. Looking forward to seeing your chair, it sounds great.

    Hugs RosieP x

  5. lovely necklaces..I do love a good rummage around the charity shops when I have a spare half hour or so. Hope you're having a great weekend

  6. Sounds like a lovely day. What a fab idea for the rabbit hutch!

  7. Only 4 necklaces??! Yes Lisa, you were very restrained! ;-)
    Have a lovely week xxx

  8. I woke up this morning and my 1st thought was "Lisa hasn't posted anything for ages!!" So I checked and I have missed your last 2 posts!!!! ( I really do think I am going senile!!!!) This is a great post and I would have loved to have seen your necklace collection had you not been restrained!!! Can't wait to see the chair. May the Force be with you all. xxxxxxx

  9. Hi - thanks for your lovely comments on my blog. I have been catching up with your posts - I know what you mean about needing a few extra hours in the day - I was reading Carrots and Kids blog, how she gets up at 6 to go to the allotment!! (mother of 5). I always seem to be struggling to get my act together!

    Look forward to seeing your chair, and love all your finds -

    Beautiful day today! - xxx

  10. you bargain hunter the punch and judy pic, takes me back...........

  11. Looks like a very happy little family here. I love going out looking for some shabby old bits to do up. The good thing about shabby is, you do not have to be too perfect with the finish and if it does get chipped it ok! I just snaf it a little bit more and looks as though it was meant to be there!
    You ust show us the chair when finished. I love a basket too, I rather see a pile of stuff in a nice basket anywhere in the home than a pile just sitting there, I know we all have them piles hanging around but stikcing it all in a basket sort of seems better, if you know what I mean!

  12. As always you have some great treasure! I can’t wait to see the chair.
    I haven’t looked around a charity shop for so long, now I’ve seen your fab bits I might have a look at the weekend.

    Love Lou xxx