Thursday, 8 April 2010


The camera is in use in our home one way or another most days. Except yesterday. I forgot to take a single photo yesterday. And yesterday was an important day.
It was 2 years ago we all travelled home together and our family of 3 became our family of 4.
So 7th April is known as S Day in our home and we try and do something nice to celebrate. I began checking the internet a couple of weeks ago for activites during the Easter school holiday which may appeal and suggested going to Portsmouth for the day. There was a special children only disco in the afternoon. S could dance away and play games for a few hours to her heart's content.
'No thank you mummy' she replied.
'What would you like to do?'
'See Auntie C and go to the park please.'
So that's what we did.
Minus the camera!
So instead of a photo from yesterday here's one from 2 years ago.

Easter Monday we had our egg trail for the children. Clues were given out to find the chocolate stash hidden in the house and garden.
Love this photo of them. T was appalled that we had put (wrapped) chocolates on top of the compost. Nothing was going to stop S from adding to her haul!

This pot held some mini eggs, my daffodils are nearly out.

And S modelling the final 2 eggs.

Tuesday I took the children over to Hythe, which is a 12 minute ferry ride away. They really enjoyed the trip on the water and wanted it to go on for longer. Once off the ferry you can either walk up the pier or catch the world's oldest pier train, it's listed as such in the Guinness Book of Records.

Once in the little village centre we tried all the suggested places listed on the website to pick up a copy of Healthy walks around Hythe. I would have printed on off before leaving home but we are out of ink. Unfortunately no-one had a copy.
Not even here at the local council office. Isn't that a pretty place to work.

Especially being able to look out the window at these gardens.

We did have a wander round of sorts, we visited the playarea, found a charity shop or two to mooch in and had a very unhealthy lunch of chips.

The children want to visit again in the summer. Next time we are taking G, a picnic and a homeprinted copy of the walking guide.


  1. I dont think the word should be useless - I prefer "Plan B"! I agree the council offices look lovely. Congrats to you all - especially S for being "2"!!! xxxxx

  2. Happy S Day to you all! xxx

  3. I think 'useless' sums up my attempts at visiting you!

    Sorry I told you I was anti-social!

    Actually its all the gardens fault, as soon as there is a blink of sun I'm outside.

    Looks like you have been busy however, loving this sunshine.


  4. hey whats this tea and toast business??

  5. Looks like you all had a great time

    Hugs RosieP x

  6. Happy belated S Day!! Looks like you all had fun in this lovely sunshine!

    It's funny that T wasn't impressed by the eggs + compost combo - I'd react the same way as him I think, while my brother would dive in and gobble them up regardless of the mud ;-)

  7. Happy S day!

    Looks like a fun day! Maybe we should all celebrate next year!

  8. Dear little S! & like her, I have no chocolate morals....

    Well Mrs T & T - It looks like you have had a lovely time over the past few days...

    Big 2 year hugs being sent...

    Love Lydia

  9. Happy S day to you all!!! She's a delight!!

  10. Happy S Day to S, T and the parents! I just love the celebration of family days when a new little soul becomes part of yours! :)

  11. They both look so grown-up! I can't get over it. And as always, you all do the most fun things.

    (Also impressed with the "please" and "thank you" bits. Quite the little lady!)