Sunday, 2 May 2010

flip flop frenzy

I don't really have much of a thing about shoes.
But flip flops are different.
I wear them constantly in the summer and hate giving them up when the autumnal weather finally gets too much of a nip in the air and my tootsies can't cope with the cold!

In the past couple of weeks I have bought these from QS.

Not strictly flip flops I know but great for the summer and at £1.50 each from a charity shop I thought they were too good to pass by, especially the pair on the right which haven't been worn.

And finally these because the pattern was just so lush.

Now bring on the sunny sunshine please!


  1. I must have about 100 pairs!!! I bought 3 pairs of sandals in Matalan today too they have some gorgeous ones!!!

  2. Love them but find them too hard to walk in, so mine will be flat ballet style pumps this year, unless I'm on the sand and then it's barefoot! You have some real bargains there though.

  3. I love the way they look, but I can't stand that thing between my toes. I just can't wear them!
    Love Kathy xxx

  4. Unfortunately I can't wear flip flops for work but the ballet pumps are out in force for me now!!

    Victoria x

  5. Love them as well.You can never have too many!


  6. Like kathy, I can't do toe posts, so I have to have "sandals" - but I will join your campaign to bring on the sunshine!! I have checked with the young man, and Sheff Wednesday will indeed be playing Southampton next season. I can feel a "meet up" coming on!! xxxx

  7. I love to wear flipflops even with my socks on! xxx

  8. I love, love, love flip flops!! I have loads, like you, that's all I wear in the summer and on hols!!! Yours are fab!!

  9. Oh I love flip flops too. I can't wear them for work but I can't wait to put them on when I get home - we just don't get enough flip flop weather!