Thursday, 20 May 2010


Today I went out for a walk to one of our local parks.
Mayfield park is on the site of a formerly privately owned estate. The main house was demolished in the 1950's but the stables remain, although there is no public access to them.

The park is in two parts. One side has a small playground and lots of football pitches.
It also has an Obelisk which was erected by the former owner in memory of his friend the famous politican Charles James Fox.

There is a lot of work being done in the park at the moment and some of the trees that have been cut down have been set into the ground as seating.

If you don't like flowers look away now. The park looked absolutely beautiful today. So many flowers blooming and colour everywhere.

And the birds were out being busy. Both of these little chaps were hopping around picking up grass and twigs and then flying off their nests.

I felt very relaxed after my little wander. So nice not to have a day of rushing around.
Just a couple of hours to listen and look and just be.


  1. Good evening!
    Those flowers look just up my street.
    How lovely to have a park to enjoy such prettyness.
    That could be your garden you know! Lol

  2. How lovely!
    Do you know what that second bird is? We dont get those round my neck of the woods im sure.
    The park is beautiful, shame they demolished the main house, once again those pesky 1950's town planners and councilors!!!

  3. Lovely photographs ... isn't it a lovely time of year? We had a very hot day here, today. Practically tropical!!!
    Love Kathy xxx

  4. We need those little relaxing wanders, don't we. So glad you got to have one!

    Although I'm not much for flowers (tee-hee)...

  5. I love good urban parks (as you know). This one looks amazing. Is that last bird a thrush? (Can you tell I joined the RSPB!!!) I think that they have become rare these days (lack of hedgrows are to blame I believe). They used to be very common when I was little. Lovely photos. As for an i pod - very dangerous for me. I tend to burst into spontanious song anyway if a tune pops into my head, so I would be v annoying on a bus with an ipod!! I tend to think I can sing better than I actually can (apparantly - according to others, and especially after wine!! - not tat I drink wine on a bus!!! - yet!)

  6. PS - youve had me singing "Parklife" all morning.

  7. Who doesn't like flowers?! Beautiful pictures Lisa, hope you have a good weekend xxx
    P.S.congrats to T on getting his special award :)

  8. Sounds very relaxing. Lovely flowers.

  9. Hey!!!
    I'm glad you managed to get one of the dotty bags, they are fab arent they, and a proper bargain!
    Which colour did you get? They had red, navy blue and turquoise when I got mine, so hard to choose!

  10. Aren't the flowers beautiful!! i bet you had a great time!!

  11. What a lovely park. I always feel better after being out for a walk, especially when it involved very pretty flowers!

  12. What an amazing park,your flower photos are beautiful.
    Ann x