Wednesday, 19 May 2010

easy tea

I am in the very lucky position where I only go out to work 2 days a week.
On these 2 days I make sure I leave something quick and easy to prepare for G to cook for the evening meal. Last night it was a jar of Honey and Mustard Chicken Tonight which all 3 of them really love. I don't mind buying that one as it seems to contain less additives.
Instead of G cooking it though it was me. S was off school yesterday as she woke up many times during the night coughing and coughing and coughing. She was exhausted by the morning and spent the day at home resting and has gone back to school today bright as a button.
As I had a bit of extra time given that there was no real food preparation to do I decided a bit of baking was in order.

I baked a ginger and date loaf. No picture to share as it came out looking very mis-shapen! The recipe said to bake in a 1lb loaf tin which I did. Next time I'll be doing it in a baking tray. The preparation was quite unusual. Dates, ginger,butter and sugar in a mixing bowl, sprinkled over with bicarb and then boiling water poured on top. Stirred until the butter had melted and then flour folded in. The end result was very tasty though, especially with a cup of tea.

This doesn't look like the most comfortable place to rest but Malcolm seems to like it.

T came home from school proudly wearing this badge on Monday. He is so helpful towards the staff. Last time I had to drop something into the school receptionist told me 'how polite T always is. He always has a please and thank you. I shouldn't be so amazed when a child is that polite as I work in a place full of them, but he is the exception rather than the rule.'
I left feeling a very proud mum indeed. That's my boy.


  1. I'll have to try this honey and mustard chicken!

    Victoria xx

  2. Hey proud mum! (rightly so) that cake sounds scrummy...I remember many moons ago baking something with a similar method, can't for the life of me remember what it was.
    Are cats not comfortable in the strangest of places?

  3. I love that honey and mustard sauce! My Mum used it(with chicken)when she had friends over for dinner.They were so impressed and asked her for the recipe.She didn't like to admit that it was out of a jar!
    My cat used to hang outside the window from the frame and stare at you through the glass!

    Bellaboo :0)

  4. Love the cat photograph, dear Lisa. Yes, you should be a proud mum--you're a good one, too!

  5. You should get a badge for being a 5 star mum!!! I had quitre forgotten about Chicken Tonight!! I still remember the (very bad) advert. I'll have to buy a jar - I'm all for an easty tea. I must admit, I use my Slow cooker a lot for easy tea. just bung it all in , switch it on and come home to a cooked meal. xxxxxxxx

  6. Malcom!! hehe, what a fab name for a cat, i like it. I once had a freind who had a dog called Lynette!!
    I am being rather tardy lately and I havent yet got round to posting you that little something, I shall get my self into gear ASAP!

  7. Aww its lovely when others can see what you as a mother sees in your children. He sounds a lovely boy a credit to you.

    Hope your little one is better its horrible when they are poorly.

    Lol had to laugh at the cat picture they are funny animals!

    MBB x

  8. Oh my, that cake sounds amazing! Do you have a link for the recipe? Dates and ginger are my two favourite ingredients!

    Glad S is better, and as Diane said - a 5 star pupil with a 5 star Mum, for sure!

  9. Love the warm glow you get when your children make you proud! (Love the last post about radio - and no we haven't heard the last of Paul!)

  10. Misshapen or no, that ginger-date cake sounds very yummy!

    And I think all of you are a five-star family...

    (word verif is "ressi." Does that mean I should ask for the recipe???)