Saturday, 8 May 2010

cheeky boy!

On our dining room wall we have 2 large corkboards. One above another.
The top one is used to display photos of family and friends.
The bottom one is used to display tickets from shows and concerts we've been too, little crafty bits the children have made, little momentos of family life.
Today there is a new addition.
Trying to be orgainsed and fairly tidy, all our rubbish items which can be recycled are kept in the utility room in a large plastic tub. Once full it's emptied into the outside wheelie bin.
Whilst tipping the contents of this tub into the wheelie bin a colourful leaflet caught my husband's eye.
He made a little addition to it and pinned it to the noticeboard before leaving for work this morning.
It made me laugh out loud when I noticed it after I had come down to make breakast a bit later.
Which is exactly why he did it.
I do love him!
Dream on though my love!


  1. What a star! Hope he's getting a scrummy dinner tonight.

  2. I see the resemblence!! (although some surgery may be needed to achieve the FULL effect!!!) Cary Grant is indeed my ideal tall dark and handsome dreamboat - Brad Pitt etc does nothing for me. xxxx

  3. Perhaps that how he sees your assets!!!!!!!!!!! Waht can i say, he's a man!!!

  4. Lol! brilliant. What an eye poping start to the day.

    MBB x

  5. Such a lovely hubby! Happy weekend to you all! xxx

  6. HA!

    But I keep staring at that photo, trying to make sense of that combination of parts...

  7. hehe!
    That is rather funny I must say!
    You ought to get him back with a picture of George Clooney!