Thursday, 13 May 2010


Odd photos from happenings over the past few weeks.

My new hair colour, no grey now, well for a few weeks at least.

A new badge on T's cub jumper. A reminder of a great day out with his friends.

Six eggs, complete with feather. S had a friend round for tea and these were given to us by her mum. Layed by their chickens that morning.

S wearing safety equipment whilst making her own chocolate ice cream with liquid nitrogen at a student festival.

A thank you for all the effort we've made at work recently. It's been really stressful there at times since my return in November. Our team were nominated to receive £25 each in vouchers. I chose to have mine in Sainsburys vouchers. That way I could use them to pay for the shopping and then use the cash I would have used for groceries towards a treat just me.
The very same day I was awarded them I came home to a letter from Country Living magazine offering 2 years subscription for just slightly more than 1 year plus a free EB mug.

My magazine arrived yesterday! I'm so looking forward to reading it. G is to London tonight to see Kiss. And he' staying over. An early night and Country Living awaits!

The chest of drawers in our bedroom sandwiched between 2 new Aspelund wardrobes from Ikea. And we do LOVE the way it's all looking up there.

Who was a grumpy cat after we spent one night away? Who didn't come up and have his night time snuggle for 2 nights? What's he going to be like when we have a week away?!


  1. Loving the new you!

    why was the safety equipment swearing? LOL

    My shop.... I do want to open one soon, but for now the blog icon makes me feel like I'm doing something with my life, even when I'm not!

    Clare x

  2. Loving the new dangerous look Lisa!!! Very hot hot hot for all that "Love" in the bedroom. xxxxx

  3. Love the new (non grey) hair colour!! It looks great!!

  4. Loving the new look!

    Sounds like you have had a couple of lucky days. Enjoy your mag tonight. Nothing like a good snuggle and a decent read.

    Thank you for your kind comments on my blog.

    MBB x

  5. Nitrogen icecream?! Eeek!!

    I also have a night to myself tonight as my taller half is also at a gig in London - time to eat my favourite chocolates (ones I don't want to share ;-) ), paint my toenails and have a good read and early night :-) These occasional evenings alone must not be wasted! Enjoy yours! :-)

  6. FAB hair - nicely done! So much to comment on...I have a client who brings eggs from her chickens every two weeks...heaven! And Country Living is the best magazine on earth (FAR better than the American version)...I only wish our stockist could get each issue a bit sooner (still waiting for the MAY one to arrive, sheesh)... Happy reading!

  7. Hello Dear,
    Thank you for following my blog...Love your blog!

  8. Love the new hair colour and what a cute pussy cat. x

  9. Love your hair, Lisa!!!! Our dog's always grumpy when we've been away, too.

  10. Love your hair, Lisa!!!! Our dog's always grumpy when we've been away, too.

  11. I’m loving the hair Lisa!!! I’m not wearing my hat now!

    Love Lou xxx

  12. Lovely hair Lisa!

    Frothinmg in the hedgerows is brilliant, made me smile,

    Love Sarah x

  13. Nothing better than a funky hair colour, a beautiful magazine and a cheeky kitty! :)