Wednesday, 26 May 2010

day trip

The reason for my day trip to Portsmouth was to go here, the city museum (postcard from giftshop)

to see this touring exhibition from the V&A.

On the way to the museum I walked through Victoria park and spotted this bushy tailed little chap who wasn't at all put off by passers by.

I walked down to the harbour and saw HMS Warrior at the dockyard.

Just across the road is a retail outlet called gunwharf quays. I popped in briefly, mainly becuase I needed the loo! And very impressed I was too. So clean and well maintained I had to take a photo!

It's at this shopping complex I nipped into Whittards and took the photo of the Tea poster and made a small purchase. Couldn't resist this plate. As yesterday wasn't about shopping I didn't spend much longer at Gunwharf but instead made my way to the museum.

The exhibition was really good. Lots and lots of black and white photos of singers from 50's and 60's. The Beatles, Bill Haley, Gene Vincent, Eddie Cochran, The Everley Brothers, Brenda Lee, Helen Shapiro, Adam Faith, Cliff Richard, Tommy Steele. So many of these I listened to from an early age as rock and roll was one of my dad's favourite choices of music. He actually worked with Tommy Steele before he became famous on one of the big cruise liners. It was just for one trip and he said he drove everyone crazy singing and playing his guitar whenever he was off duty.
I didn't recognise Shirley Bassey from this photo. I don't think I've ever seen a picture of her as a young woman.

And this was a highlight. Seeing Billy Fury in full swing. I think he had a lovely voice.

I got talking to a couple who were also looking round the exhibition and who remembered going to the cinema to watch Cliff Richard in Expresso Bongo, clips of which were playing through an old TV. They told me about the dancing they did and the clothes they wore. He was very proud of a pair of crepe soled shoes which were adorned with treble clefs and she told me how her mum would rinse her petticoats in sugar water before hanging them on line to dry so they would be stiff and keep their shape.

I did wander around the rest of the museum and would have liked to have spent a while longer looking at some of the exhibits. But my highlights are this gorgeous room set of an old kitchen

this poster for promoting the art gallery. The original painting was also on display. The artist is Benjamin Haughton. Isn't she beautiful.

And these 2 vintage advertsing posters encouraging visitors to the seaside.

If you do find yourself in Portsmouth then a trip to the museum is a great way to pass an hour and it's free.


  1. everytime i go to gun wharf i head straight to paperchase! he he! thank you for all your emails these past few months they've really helped me through! fliss xx

  2. What an impressive building the museum is in. Love the old kitchen, I always wanted one of those kitchen units. There don't seem to be many Whittards around nowadays.

  3. Helllloooooo!

    Still here - running about in my flip flops.....

    Thanks for checking up on me!!!

    Big Hugs

    Lydia xx

  4. That exhibition looks great :)

    My o/h's great aunt had a kitchen just like that - used to love visiting her house it was like a step back in time :)

  5. That exhibition looks great :)

    My o/h's great aunt had a kitchen just like that - used to love visiting her house it was like a step back in time :)

  6. Sounds like a great day out, Lisa, glad you had fun x

  7. What a great exhibition - all of those I listened to in my childhood (and I still have all my mums 45's!!). Cliff was my mums fave at the time and I got dragged along to see him many times (I loved him too before the "Mistletoe and wine" era). If I were nearer, it would be one that I would definately go to see, so thanks for taking me along - youve got me singing the "oldies" this morning now - " I remember yoooouuuuu, your the one who made my dreams come true - a few - kisses ago - doo doo be doo do........"

  8. Now they are impressive toilets!

    Victoria xx

  9. Ahh you can't beat a good clean public loo!

    Looks like an exciting day trip!

  10. You never fail to put together the BEST outings! What fun. And I LOVE that kitchen...

  11. Sounds like such a lovely day out. My mum was a huge fan of Billy Fury so I remember his songs really well. That museum looks amazing too!

  12. Wow that bathroom is so nice and clean!

  13. Golly that Benjamin Haughton Painting is just so lovely, hmm note to self to work on swan like neck!

    Have a lovely lovely time in Majorca Lisa.

    Cliff featured large on our hols as he is spalshed across all the billboards selling his wine!

    Love Sarah x

  14. What an amazing place to go to visit!
    I`m glad you had a great time!


  15. Have a great time in Maiorca! xx