Monday, 31 May 2010


Don't you just love Freecycle?
Years ago I saw a picture in a magazine.
Can't remember which housey type of magazine it was, but the feature was on gardens.
One beautiful garden used an old wooden stepladder in amongst a border as a means of displaying flowers in odd plain and painted terracotta pots.
It's something I have always fancied having in our garden as neither of us are natural gardeners, our garden is a bit of a mess and this idea seems to fit quite well into the general mish mash untidiness.
2 days ago a fellow Freecycler offered 'an old rickety ladder which isn't safe for using as a proper ladder'. I enquired about it and he said it was mine! I went and collected it this morning! S couldn't understand why I was so excited about it. Just need to buy some more plants and get busy!


  1. Oooh FAB idea! Cant wait to see the finished result.
    I love all things old and battered!
    I have never used Freecycle but have heard of it, maybe I will give it a go.

  2. Great Idea Lisa, can't wait to see it with plants on it.
    Freecycle is great isn't it.
    Luv Sophie xxx

  3. Ooh, have fun! I know that you will ROCK that ladder!

  4. Wow you're so creative, that's a great idea. When I have a garden, I'm going to spend both May bank holidays gardening :-)

  5. Ooh get you mrs!
    It will be Chelsea next then?

    Clare xx

    ps. did you recognise the crochet cushion in my previous post?

    I unpicked the crappy bits and re worked it using green!

  6. Hi Lisa,

    That is a fab idea. I will be looking forward to see the results.

    I live in Winchester and didn't hear about the BBC springwatch until you commented in my blog. Unfortunately Sunday we were really busy and couldn't make it. :(
    But thank you anyway for letting me know. Where abouts in Hampshire do you live?

  7. There is something so perfect about rickety old ladders isn't there!

    Victoria x

  8. Great idea! looking forward to seeing the 'display'.

    Bellaboo :0)

  9. It's going to be so pretty draped with plants and color. What a great idea, dear Lisa! XX

  10. That's a great idea!! Can't wait to see it finished!!

  11. You clever thing! It's just perfect for hanging baskets full of flowers! xxx

  12. What a great idea, please show us the finished result. I love Freecycle too, I have had some amazing things in the past from Freecyclers and also I have managed to find new homes for some of my bits and pieces.
    Ann x