Thursday, 17 June 2010

garden goodness

On Saturday we popped to visit my sister. In her new home she has a lovely decking area just outside her back door which is a perfect little sun trap and she has filled it with plants.
These pansies look fab in a pink bucket.

She has made some very pretty labels for some of the plants.

At a church sale a few weeks back we both bought a morning glory plant. Mine was devoured in days by a slug or snail, being on the safety of the decking hers is doing well. She told me she had actually bought this cheery red bag for me as part of my birthday present but has now decided to keep it for herself. What a meanie, I would have loved it!

This rose was one from our dad's garden. He really loved his roses.

And here is my Freecycled step ladder. These plants were already in the garden, I haven't got round to buying more as yet, I was just having a move around to see how things looked.It's the perfect place for my cuppa to go on too!

Another new addition to this area is the bunting. I'm not blessed with sewing abilities and so don't have anything like a fabric stash to raid and so I cheated and bought this off of ebay. And shock horror, it's plastic and not fabric, but the colours and patterns are so pretty and zingy! I love it.


  1. I just love the ladder!

    Victoria xx

  2. Lisa lisa lisa - even a complete novice can make bunting!! Both yours and your sistes gardens are looking great - I would be lost without a garden. xxxxx

  3. The step ladder looks great! Such a brilliant idea (especially if, like me, you have nothing but a back yard)!

    And at least plastic bunting will wear well - less likely to succumb to the British weather ;-)

  4. Ladder's looking great, Lisa! And the plus side of the bunting being plastic - you don't have to bring it in when it rains - yay!!

  5. Hi Lisa! I think there's a typing mistake on your post wrote goodness instead of goddess!
    Love the way you displyed your pots on the ladder, and the Rose in memory of your Dad is just beautiful.
    Thank you for your message, I'm glad to hear that Tanya and her hubby had a great time.
    Have a lovely weekend xxx

  6. I think your ladder is great!
    I wish I had one. Do you know, I think plastic bunting might be more practical in inclement weather - it doesn't look plastic in your photos!!!
    Love Kathy xxx

  7. The ladder looks great with your arrangement of plants.Oh,naughty sister..mind you..I do that something for someone else..and then can't bear to part with it!
    That plastic bunting is a great idea..I could use it to hang outside the summer house.

    Bellaboo ;0)

  8. tsk I shall make you some next time!
    It is pretty though.

    My hands are still crap thanks.

    Great steps!!

  9. Love the idea with the ladder, will be showing it to hubby. The rose looks beautiful, does it smell fab?

    Hugs RosieP x

  10. Love the ladder and the bunting. Plastic will be better for outdoors anyway ;)

  11. i love the ladder, and the bunting! fliss xxx

  12. We have got steps in our garden...yours look fab!

    Thanks for your comment...I’m going to behave myself in my next post! ;-)

    Have a lovely week love Lou xxx

  13. Hello Lisa

    Catching up - what fab holiday pictures! Little Miss looked like she was having a whale of a time...

    I love the garden pictures, especially the step ladder, lovely idea- may have to pinch the idea, wether G is on them or not?

    When did the tea & toast disappear ??


  14. Thanks for stopping by, I love the ladder!