Monday, 14 June 2010

holiday round up

Our week away was blessed with blue skies apart from the morning we left. We were very lucky.
This is the view from beside the pool outside our apartment block. I quite liked the look of the little row of houses across the water from us.

And this is the view from the pool at the apartment block next to ours. There was a narrow causeway you could walk along to reach an tiny island. G is the minute figure making his way on the path towards it when he went off for a wander one afternoon.

Another view of the row of houses I liked but this time from our apartment balcony.

One particular evening T and S discovered their own new types of eyewear.

One day we went for a wander down to the beach and as we ate ice creams and walked on the sand we had a good nose at all the beach side homes!
I would like to be curled up with a good book in this hammock RIGHT NOW.

Now for some floral prettiness.
I LOVE this first plant and actually bought one just before we went away. Unfortunately our house sitter mamaged to take good care of every single plant in the garden apart from this and it was bone dry and very frazzled looking when we got home. I'm hoping it'll be ok with a good drink.

This last batch of photos are of things that pre-blogging I would have noticed and they would have made me smile and then I would have passed by.
Now with a blogging diary I have a good reason to indulge in obscure photos of plastic beach paraphenalia and a stranger's exotic trouser wear!

Happy days.


  1. Wow those photos certainly brighten up an ordinary Monday!

    Its funny how blogging makes you do some mad things. But also take note of the little things too.

    MBB x

  2. I feel the same as you I would often seen things on my travels and want to take a photo and then think "why" now are blogs give a great reason and I'm certainly glad I saw those fabulous trousers!

    Victoria xx

  3. Yes,I look at things differently too now I'm blogging.
    That causeway looks fun...would be nice to be on that island now,sipping a pina colada maybe?!

    Bellaboo :0)

  4. Viva Espangna!!! Very colourful indeed. I love those trousers - I could wear them out!! (then pop them in a patchwork quilt!!). My family laugh at the photos I take now that I am a blogger! xxxxxxx

  5. You must share your chicken and sweet potato curry recipe! It sounds delicious.

    Victoria xx