Monday, 28 June 2010

whoever said.......'s as easy as riding a bike?
I want a word with them.
Cos it's not easy. Not when you haven't ridden one for 30 years!
I have finally ventured out in the cutway behind our home on the bike rescued from our neighbours skip. It had belonged to her daughter, nothing wrong with it, just didn't want it anymore and so it was being chucked out.
It's been sat in our shed waiting for me to feel confident enough about trying it out for a very, very long time.
Towards the end of last week I gave it a go and oh my, oh my, I was more than a bit wibbly wobbly to start with but after a couple of practices and G very kindly buying me a jelly saddle cover to help make the whole experience a little more comfortable, I'm getting the hang of it again. Slowly does it.


  1. Ouch ~ I remember the pain of a long tortuous bike ride uo a very steep hill! Good for you Lisa~ I am too scared of the whizzy drivers around our country lanes!

    Yes, the lanes are very near Hever Castle! well spotted! We may head there this afternoon for the water maze!!

    Love Sarah x

  2. Good luck with your continued bike riding!

    You are brave I never did learn how to ride one properly and feel a bit self concious to learn now!

    MBB x

  3. I got a bike last year, and oh my goodness, you're so right - I still can't believe how painful it is on the bottom!!!

  4. Take care don't want any bumps and bruises!
    Havn't ridden a bike for years and I'm sure I'd be the same as you if I tried now!
    You'll be whizzing around in no time I'm sure.

    Bellaboo :0)

  5. Hi Lisa
    Oh, I can totally empathise with you!
    I've not been on a bike for 25+ years ... and I've certainly never ridden a bike with gears: what are they all about??
    We live next to a cycle track and every time we walk along the track, which is very often, we have the same conversation about getting some bikes... hmmmm.
    The idea of a soft squidgy seat sounds great for tempting me back onto the two wheels!
    Good luck with it :-)
    Denise x

  6. Good on you, you will have some fun on your bike. I have not got mine out this year....yet! but I do enjoy it when I can. Like you a bit wobbly then it all some flooding back, wind in your hair, speed, freedom, feeling like a kid again!
    Lisa, thank you for your commnet but I am sorry it disapeared which is a real pain, I did not touch any setting so god know what has happened. Please can you re-send when you can, I would like to keep your comment, oneday I hope to make a book out of my blog for my family to keep.
    Carol x

  7. well done lisa for persevering...i love the idea of bike riding, but am rubbish at it......if a car comes anywhere near i tip myself off

  8. Wow great to find a free bike, I have been hunting for one for ages.
    Good for you getting back in to riding a bike, good exercise and kind to the planet too.
    Lovely g for getting you that gel saddle my friends with bikes swear by them. Keep up the good work.
    Luv Sophie xxx

  9. A fantastic bit of wombling there Lisa - well done!! I'm sure you'll soon get the hang of it again - just be careful. xxxxxxx

  10. Yes..riding a bike is easy! :P
    Hope you could take lovely trips on it! xxx

  11. oh good luck lisa, i was wondering about bike riding the other day and would i wobble! fliss xx

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  13. I rode on efor the first time in about 15 years last summer, If i had put more effort into riding and less into screaming i may have been more succesful!!

    Those gel seats are fab!