Sunday, 22 August 2010


We've been having a bit of a change around here at home.
Pieces of furniture have been moved from one room to another, been taken upstairs, bought back downstairs and gone upstairs again, much to G's annoyance as he's been the one doing most of the lifting and shifting!
Our home is a little 3 bedroomed terrace built just over 100 years ago. There isn't much in the way of storage space and so what furniture we have needs to made the most of.
One thing I have yearned for for ages is a small sofa in our dining room.
What I would actually like is a huge farmhouse style kitchen/dining room that has room for comfy squashy sofas, but as that is not an option G and I chatted about what we could try to do.

Once decided and out on our first joint shopping trip to look for the new furniture we found EXACTLY what we wanted! I couldn't believe our luck. In a second hand furniture store was this green sofa, perfect in measurements and colour.
Complete with a fabulous crochet blanket, I bought in the charity shop I volunteer in for 25p, it has proved in just a couple of short weeks to be a popular spot with the cats, perfect for G to relax on when he comes in from home and chat with me whilst I cook

and a great spot for magazine reading with a hot drink and a cake. This is a museli cake from a batch I made yesterday, not a success and not one I'll be making again.

Not a great photo as I needed to be quick but talking of cosy, just how snuggled does Melvin look in his new favourite spot outside. Nestled in the clematis that trials over from next door to our garden on a piece of trellis G put up.
So cute.


  1. Oh yes,I dream of a kitchen like that too.Glad you found that lovely settee and it looks so cozy with the crochet blanket!

    Bellaboo :o)

  2. You super dooper bargain hunter you - what great finds!! My kitche in a very thin L shape and if anybody else is in there with me, they are in my way - I'd love a huge kitchen. xxx

  3. Your muesli cake looks perfect to me! Has the chocolate weather already arrived overthere?! I'm still sweating :)
    Have a good week

  4. I know what you mean about a sofa in a large kitchen, I think a lot of us dream of one of those. It'd be so snuggly on a cold day. Yours is great and a lovely blanket too. x

  5. fab sofa lisa, what a great find and that blanket is perfect.....great place for quiet you time(does that ever happen?)

  6. I love your sofa (green is my favourite colour!) and the throw looks really good with the colourful rug too.
    Hope you are well?

  7. Looks lovely and what a great bargain buy the blanket was.....oh that proverbail dream of the country kitchen...ah well.

  8. Hi Lisa - just catching up on everybody's blogs after getting back from hols - gosh, there are so many posts to read! I LOVE your crochet blanket, and can't BELIEVE it was 25p!! Bargain of the century! x