Friday, 6 August 2010

How about you, you, you

We've just come home from a couple of days away. We've had a little trip to Bristol and I have to say I am now in LOVE with this city.
But let's start at the beginning.
In fact in the Pumpkin cafe on the platform where our journey started.
If you want a full cup of coffee do not bother buying from this chain. It is indeed frothy as the advert shows, but it's two thirds frothy milk and 1 third coffee. This is how the staff are instructed to fill the cups so G was told when he took our cups back to complain about the lack of coffee content.

After a pleasant and non-eventful journey, which G was hoping for after the train he and the children had caught the previous day to Salisbury had caught fire, we arrived at Bristol Temple Meads station where they have the most humungous and most beautiful hanging baskets on display.

The reason for our trip was for T to have a contact visit with his brother L

and our venue was Bristol Zoo. Zoos done well, which this one undoubtably is, are a great way to learn about wildlife, but there is the nagging feeling of guilt looking at these magnificent animals in cages. This lion did look so majestic, strutting his stuff and roaring his head off at one point.

The lemurs were in an enclosure where you were able to wander around close, but not too close to them.

These 2 looked liked the Tweedledum and Tweedledee of the penguin world.

The Capybara just looks like someone put a gerbil in a supersizing machine.

No otter to be spotted but the poem made us grin.

We have thought about making a home for bugs in the garden, this construction looks like it would provide some pretty fancy accommadation.

I like this exotic flowe craft idea, may have to borrow that to do one rainy summer holiday day. The inner is a plastic cup.

This photo I took with the idea of putting on the biscuit jar, just to make me stop and think before I take out one, or two, or three to have with a cuppa!

We were at the zoo for 4 hours and only saw about a third, it really would be a full day out. Also on offer was an attraction named Zooropia. T was very keen to have a go and as it was a special day and we thought it would be a great confidence boosting exercise for him we paid for him and L to have a go. Once up the scramble net and able to see how high up he was he wasn't so keen!

There are lots of different sections and this is where the batteries on my camera failed, the 2nd section. I was so disappointed I couldn't record the whole thing for him. G took a short video on his phone a bit further round which T was thrilled to watch when his feet were firmly back on the ground again.


  1. Lisa,

    Bristol is definitely one of my favourite places in the world. I am so glad you had a good time. The zoo looks gorgeous too, I love Tweedledum and Tweedledee...



  2. I've never been to Bristol - looks like it's well worth a trip. I know what you mean about zoos .... great for the children to see the animals up close - but I always have nagging doubts about the ethics of it all!
    Love Kathy xxx

  3. I know exactly what you mean about zoos, they make me feel a little uncomfortable too!
    I did giggle at your biscuit deterrant! Brilliant idea Lisa - I am going to do something similar, tee hee,

    Have a great weekend,
    Love Sarah x

  4. This is not the first time I've heard great things about Bristol.

    The zoo looks great (the over-sized gerbil is sooo cute!); I also have a dilemma when it comes to such things. Still, amazing to see such beautiful creatures in real life!

    And glad everyone is ok after the train incident - sounds scary!

  5. Love the penguins,they're my favourites! I agree with what Kathy said re zoos.I hate to see the big animals caged up like that.

    Bellaboo :o)

  6. The station looks wonderful!
    I really admire the fact that your children are able to meet up with their relatives, this is the proof of how special people you and G are!