Sunday, 8 August 2010


Whilst in Bristol we stayed just across the road from the huge Harbourside development.
As we walked across the square I spied this statue and immediately recognised the super suave and handsome Mr Cary Grant. I would love to have met him in his Hollywood heyday.

A few feet away from him is William Tyndale who is well known for something so completely different to film star adoration.

If we go back for another visit with T's brother and the weather isn't so kind to us then at-bristol would be the perfect venue, there seems to be a huge amount on offer there

including a planetarium in this fabulous looking shiny ball.

Happy faces!

Bristol has a lot of water features which had a magnetic like attraction for the children, they had to put their hands in them each time. If you're reading this Sue, do you recognise S's backpack?

The final part of the square I want to share is the vibrant and jolly art work on the designed by Hannah Broadway which are very recent additionsand are covering ugly wooden hoardings.
I love them each for different reasons.

My favourite bit on this one are the different fabrics used for the trees

Polka-dots, who doesn't love polka dots?


This is a close up of the corner which I couldn't photograph because of a street lamp.

2 things I like to do. Plus I would like to be the person in the jeans and red jacket and shoes.

More polka dots.
I think they sum up summer and Bristol really well.


  1. Sounds like a place to put on my 'To Do' list, which is getting longer the more lovely blogs I read! Love the hoardings, what a great idea.

  2. Love the big shiny ball. Cary Grant - lovely. Wasn't his real name Archibald Leach?

  3. 當你真心渴望某一樣東西,整個宇宙都會聯合起來幫助你。............................................................

  4. If it wouldn't have been for the moustaches..well, I would have said it was George Clooney! :)