Monday, 15 August 2011

Cake Stand

Amongst the fabulous present I received for my birthday last month were 3 cake stands.
One from G, one from my friend T and another from my friend G.

The other two I haven't photographed as yet, but this is the one I wanted to share as I thought some who call by here would find it inspiring. I actually meant to blog about it much sooner, but heigh ho that's the summer hols for you, I'm even more disorgainsed than ever!

So anyway here's the cake stand.

My friend G said she saw a photo of one somewhere, decided she wanted to have a go and thought it would make a good gift.
Two ordinary plates, one dinner size, one dessert sized with a glass vase glued between them for the stand.
What was that noise? Is it the sound of Diane's glue gun being plugged in?


  1. Ha ha, LOL!
    Such a clever idea..I can see a lot of baking from now on at the J&J mansion!

  2. Quite possibly!!! I have a glue gun - and plates!!! Next time I venture to Southampton its afternoon tea chez Lisa then!! xxxxx

  3. Even I could do this! Though super glue and I have had some run-ins.

  4. I know what I can do with my HUGE collection of plates! Want to see yours full of cakes! :0)

  5. genius! what a great present!

  6. That is a clever idea.... now, if only I had a glue gun....

  7. What a clever idea! We have some plates in that pattern, too.

    Pomona x

  8. What a great idea. You need to get some baking done though now that you've got three cake stands to fill. I've just been catching up on your posts now that I'm home from holiday. It certainly looks like your making the most of the summer holidays. It's lovely to see that T is managing to keep in touch with his birth siblings, it looks like he had a lovely time with them. Sorry to hear about your emotional day, the slightest thing can trigger such a response but it does tend to happen when a certain time of year comes round. Hmmm, Ipods! I wish they'd never been invented. Eleanor left her bag containing her Ipod, camera and purse on an adventure golf course in Paignton while we were away. She didn't realise until half an hour later, but she was lucky as some kind soul had handed it in.

  9. Lol!
    Love that cake stand, such pretty design and colour!
    And what a brilliant idea - wouldnt blame Diane one bit!

  10. Hmmmm this is something that I've wanted to try for a very long time now! Do you know what the best glue to use would be? No more nails?

    LOVE this one anyhow - what a great present ;-)