Saturday, 27 August 2011

3 years

Feel no guilt in laughter, he knows how much you care
Feel no sorrow in a smile that he's not here to share
You can not grieve forever, he would not want you to
He'd hope that you carry on, the way you always do
So talk about the good times and the ways you showed you cared
The days you spent together, all the happiness you shared
Let memories surround you.

A word someone may say
Will suddenly recapture a time, an hour, a day
That brings him back as clearly as though he were still here
And fills you with the feelings that he is always near
For if you keep these memories, you will never be apart
And he will live forever, locked safe within your heart.

My dad will always be in my heart.
Miss you every day, love you forever.


  1. lovely words Lisa.
    Clare xx

  2. Thinking of you in this very sad anniversary, hugs

  3. Lovely poem, thanks for sharing it with us. Lucy x

  4. Lovely words, & a hug being sent to a lovely person...


  5. You never really get over losing someone you love, it just gets further away.

    K xx

  6. Beautiful words Lisa...for me,ten years have passed..they may be gone from our lives but never from our hearts.Hugs X

  7. Very true words, Lisa. Your dad will always be with you while ever you're remembering him or talking about him.

  8. Words are so comforting, as are hugs, virtual or otherwise. I see you've already had plenty of the virtual kind (and real ones too I hope!), but here's another: *hug*