Thursday, 1 September 2011

What the Papers Say

We found a little piece of history when we were making over that old pine wardrobe recently.
When G took the mirror out he found that a newspaper had been slipped behind it, maybe to help hold it in place, maybe for someone to find in years to come.

We've only had a quick glance through it as yet but it's safely stowed away to be looked at properly another day, but here's a few snippets to share.

As you can see it's the Daily Express from 7th August 1924,

it cost one penny and this particular copy was for Mr Greenwood.

Main news stories are about Lady Astor's portrait being scribbed on

the price of bread increasing

Political wrangles and money issues

and issues with a poor train service.

Any of those sound familiar?

A few advertisements include these pills for those who can not go

those seeking a satisfying smoke

cocoa drinkers with an eye on the pennies

ladies fashion

and a soothing bath brand still going today.

This advert is one of our favourites.

We'd be happy to snap up this bargain if it was still as cheap. I wonder what today's market value is?


  1. How wonderful to find such hidden treasure!

  2. It is quite eye opening when we happen up on old newspapers, that although we think times have changed so much that really most things have stayed the same.

    A real great find I bet you will have lots of fun looking through it.

    MBB x

  3. Love it! What a fascinating find...


  4. what an interesting find!

    My dad was building a grandfather clock for the millennium and was going to put a new year newspaper inside it... unfortunately, life got in the way and he didn't manage to finish the clock - the case and the parts, along with the newspaper, are still in his workshop and will be finished one day, hehe!

  5. I would have read it cover to cover!

  6. Brilliant, what a find. So I suppose the wardrobe must have belonged to Mr Greenwood once upon a time.

  7. When my father-in-laws house was sold after he died,about six weeks later the lady who bought it rang my OH up to say she had found a packet with his name on, buried under the old greenhouse she was getting rid of, and could we come and pick it up.Full of excitement as to what it could be,we hurried over and found a soggy 'time capsule' that my FIL(unbeknown to anyone) had placed there to be 'discovered'...he hoped... by generations to come!
    What fun finding find the old newspaper and all that it tells about that era! :0)

  8. Thats the way of the world - same old same old! Thats a fab find Lisa. xxxx

  9. I knew that wardrobe was special - and now it's even more so. What a wonderful find!

  10. Such an interesting find, full of curiosities!
    Have a lovely weekend

  11. Such a treasure! I love those blouses, and YES I have often wished I could pluck a old-new house straight out of an old newspaper for the original price!

    So sorry to be a stranger - feverishly preparing for Little Lad's first official year of learning! xoxo

  12. The fashions are interesting, showing the 'boyish' figure fashionable at the time... the colours of the blouses also show the unfortunate attitudes too...I don't think anyone would advertise 'nigger yellow' as a colour any least I hope not!

    Shame house prices aren't the same any more... more people might be able to afford homes... even me!

  13. What a great find. Fascintating. x

  14. Quite fascinating - and as you say, funny that we seem to be bemoaning the same issues these days as almost 100 years ago!

  15. I think I would rather like one of those blouses!

    Pomona x