Thursday, 22 September 2011

Growing up in the 70's

As a little girl in the 70's I knew that when I grew up I wanted to be able to shop in Richard Shops .
I loved their advertsing jingle and I thought it would be marvellous to be considered a pretty face and be allowed to buy their floaty floral clothes.

I also DESPERATELY wanted life to be like a box of chocolates, try saying that without a Forrest Gump twang!
Most specifically I wanted life to be like a Dairy Box advert.
Not when the box looked like this hideous thing But when the art work simplier and the women in the ad were dressed in white floaty (that word again) cotton and cheesecloth frocks and reminded me of Sara Moon pictures.

The ads were full of sunshine, cricket matches, panama hats, all ages mingling and laughing, dogs, wicker chairs, croquet, a jolly vicar, good times and love. Thankfully some knind soul has put them on you tube where I can go and get my fix.
The people used in the ads were mostly blonde. My dad has 2 blonde half sisters who are about 15 years older me than and I thought they were the prettiest most glamourous things on the planet.

Finally I wanted to sit in a field of poppies and paint. Wearing, yes you've guessed it, something floaty.

Flakes are still one of my most favourites.

Happy days.


  1. I remember that flake advert. How wonderful would it be to sit about in a poppy field without worrying about getting rained on! Then chompping on a flake when the fancy takes you! lol.

    I always remember the milk tray adverts with the James Bondesque character doing mad stunts just to leave a Joan Collins lookalikey some chocs! Blimey I consider myself lucky if DH braves Sainsburys for a bar of Green and Blacks! lol.

    Its funny how adverts stay in your mind.

    MBB x

  2. What's stopping you getting a floaty frock then?!
    I used to want to be like my blonde babysitters - Suzanne and Catherine. Their dress was inspired by Madonna and Kajagoogoo. My mum covered a wall in mirror tiles and they pair of them used to put on a fashion show and admire themselves. Sometimes I'd have a bag of their cast-offs but the clothes would be years out of date by then!
    Lovely nostalgic post.

  3. Richard shops are filled with all the pretty things,
    Soft and lovely pretty things to wear,
    Hey there pretty face, make the world a prettier place,
    Come pretty up, come buy your cloths - from Richard Shops.

    I loved it too and sing the jingle every time I walk past where it used to be in Sheffield. I love this post Lisa - loving the nostalgia. xxxx

  4. You've taken me right back in time. I'd forgotten all about Richards shops, but I loved those floaty adverts. Do you remember the hot air balloon one for bread?
    We had two large Sarah Moon paintings given to us for a wedding present ... we had them in our house for years, and they're still in the loft, because I couldn't bear to part with them!!!
    What a fantastic post!

  5. I loved that flake ad it was shown in NZ, I can remember the music too. Nice memories, but anything to do with chocolate is nice. My sons just gave me some Maltesers which made me laugh, does anyone remember "chocolates?, no Maltesers " as the girl in the window was eating Maltesers while arranging the wedding dress. Of course it was 1970 something when I lived in London.

  6. You've got a better memory than me, I don't remember the Richard Shops advert at all. What about the Jasper Carrott Flake advert?

  7. You have me singing the jingles now! 'Richard shops are bringing back the pretty things, lots of lovely pretty things to wear, hey there pretty thing, make the World a prettier place,get prettier, come buy your clothes at Richard shops' I think those were the words!!! x I have just noticed that Diane remembered it too although we have different versions!!!

  8. I remember the mega box of chocolates my Dad would buy my Mum each wedding anniversary.They had beautiful pictures of flowers or cottages on the front.
    Sorry,this has nothing to do with adverts,but you just brought back a childhood memory! :0)

  9. arhh that brought back some memories! I wanted to float away in the nimble balloon!!!

  10. Trying to catch up with fave Blogs & bloggers. I loved these dreamy romantic ads too - everything all muted & hazy & yes fields of poppies - lovely image.
    Have read The Book Thief my oh my powerful.

    Hope T settles into life at Big school. Such a worry. I'm sure something will suddenly click for him xx

  11. I'd forgotten about Richard Shops! My favourite place to shop when I was in my teens was Snob. x

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