Thursday, 8 September 2011

Back to school

It's been an age since I last blogged.
We have computer problems and it's been so difficult getting long enough to even read just a couple of emails each day that reading any blog posts has been near on impossible so posting anything just hasn't been a option. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that the computer plays ball now just long enough for me to complete this before it freezes.

S went back to school on Monday and was very ready to start Year 2 and see all her friends again.
I fact she had such a good week she was nominated by her teacher as Star of the Week for 'such a fantastic start to Year 2'. She was very proud of her sticker and certificate.

Unfortunately I don't have a photo of T on his first day of senior school. Those photos are on my phone and not downloaded as yet.
Tuesday morning was the big day and T was so nervous he couldn't manage any more than a couple of mouthfuls of his Shreddies. It was the same on Wednesday. Thursday he manged to eat a whole bowl full. Friday morning it was 2 bowl fulls and a hot cross bun! I think you can deduce from that that the week went well! I can't tell you what a relief it was. Each day he came home he was full of smiles and chatted about different aspects of his day. I tried not to bombard him with too many questions but we had so many concerns over this major education move it was just so reassuring seeing him so happy.

So with the return to school there was a return to quietness during the day which these two certainly enjoyed stretching out and dozing on S's bed with the sun warming them through.

How do you like this artists impression of me keeping the children topped up with squash during the summer holiday as they frolicked in the garden?!

OK so it's actually an illustration from a vintage children's ABC book I found in a charity shop the other week, but oh to look so flawless and capable!

For me the summer hols seemed to finish a week earlier than it really did. T went to stay in Salisbury and then London for the whole week and S went to stay with my mum for a couple of nights so it was all a bit strange after being so busy.

So before I forget I must blog about the fab things S and I made one afternoon.

We each made a ladybird on which S did a tremendous job of painting on their spots and gluing on their eyes.

Photo is on it's side!

Our next joint effort were these bees. I drew the body shapes, S did everything else.

My favourite were these moustaches stuck to drinking straws. We looked completely ridiculous which of course is the whole point!

I hope to get round and visit everyone's blogs very soon. I may not be able to leave comments but I do hope to catch up with all the news and find up what everyone has been up to, I miss blogland.


  1. OMG love those moustaches, they're so you!!!!!!

    Glad to hear all has gone well with the kids too!

  2. Glad to hear the children are settled and enjoying there new school years.

    Hope you're computer problems are sorted out soon!

  3. Those moustache straws are genius, Lisa. I love the ladybird too. Glad your children are enjoying school. I'm in the throes of worrying about what senior school my daughter (she's in year 6) will go to next year. Oh the trauma of it all. Hope your computer gets sorted soon. It's soooo frustrating when they don't work properly or at all in my case.... xx

  4. Glad to hear everyone is happy at the start of the new term .. it's such a relief when they all settle in. I can't keep up with blog land at the moment either ... I just can't find the time! I really miss everyone's news1

  5. Sp pleased to hear that both your kids had a great start! Good work guys, keep it up and please do not make your mum&dad worry in the next future!
    Have a lovely Sunday x

  6. fabulous moustaches ! Hope the term continues to go so well.

  7. Well done to S and it does sound like T is settling in well too.

  8. Glad to hear that the first week back went well. What a relief that T has settled in to his new school so well, and S to be Star of the Week so soon, just brilliant. The cats seem to be enjoying their quiet time, Archie loves having everyone around, he sulks every Monday when the house is so quiet after the weekend. I love the things that you and S made, especially the moustaches.

  9. I love that pinny - I an sure I would be a perfect housewife if I had one like that!

    Pomona x

  10. Well done to the little 'Star of the Week! I am glad that both S and T are settling back into school. I must say, I love those moustaches and feel an urgent need to make them to have around the Christmas table!!!x

  11. Sounds like it was a successful return to school! You must be so proud!

    Victoria xx

  12. I think the oerfect mum just looks like you!!! I'm sure you have that pinny?!! Glad it all went well at school - I bet you were as nervous as T!!! xxxxx

  13. So glad T had a good first week in his new school - it's just as nerve-wracking for us parents as it is for the children, isn't it?! x