Monday, 26 September 2011

The White House

Yesterday afternoon we popped out to a local charity fund raising event being held in the grounds of a local school.
When I was younger it was known as the White House, today it is gregg school. We would go there occasionally when I was at junior school for sports and it was also the venue for family outings on Bonfire Night a couple of times too.
A few years back we went for a visit during Heritage Open weekend and had a tour round the house which was great being able to get inside and have a snoop around.

The gardens were designed by Gertrude Jekyll

and although there wasn't much still blooming one of my favourites was there to still be enjoyed.

I seem to remember from our tour that the school children aren't allowed to go down to this part of the garden.

We weren't subject to the school rules and had a lovely wander round and the topiary helped us to practise S's maths topic of

3D shapes.

T wanted to take some photos so for once there is a photo of me!

There were lots of signs of autumn including these helicopters

trees groaning with apples

and plenty of windfalls on the ground

lots of pinecones, a few of which made there way home with us and now are sitting in a planter on the windowsill.

There was only one purchase made. A set of Russian doll pegs. My thinking is maybe I'll hang them up in the kitchen (once it's painted!) and use them to display the children's certificates and art work.


  1. No we didn't get to Brokenhurst. You are so lucky to live in that part of the world - its beautiful. Just visiting dfor a weekend has made me what to holiday there for a week next year or the year after xxx

  2. What lucky children having a school like that with those wonderful grounds. There's lots of signs of autumn now, though they've forcast a rise in temperature this week. I do hope so, I'm not ready for autumn yet. I love those pegs, so quirky. They're just the thing for hanging up artwork.

  3. The russian dolls are adorable!!

    Victoria xx

  4. I'm a sucker for Gertudes gardens. Thanks for the tour. (loved the photo of the girlies!) xxxx

  5. Thanks T for taking such a lovely picture of 2 beautiful and so smiling ladies!

  6. ooh that looks wonderful & you look loveluy in the picture !

  7. No! I'm not ready for autumn either! That's a great picture of you two, well done T. Love the pegs! I've got lots of fancy pegs for hanging 'stuff' up in my classroom, but they're quite special!

  8. What a beautiful building! And I love your Russian doll pegs. x

  9. Lovely photos! I hope that school is working out now and it isn't such a stressful time. I think I might collect some cones and display in a planter too! x

  10. What a beautiful place to visit - and I love those little pegs - really pretty!

    Pomona x

  11. This post has brought back so many memories for me Lisa. It seems so long ago Ben was there.

    Lots of love to you and the family xxx

  12. Hi Lisa
    it looks like you had a lovely day, i love the little pegs really pretty colours! my foot still hurts I cant believe it is taking so long to heal! and poor Sammy has his first cold! a while ago we talked about meeting up, if you still fancy it it would be lovely, im just getting into a routine with Sammy and back to work so maybe in a few weeks when ive got used to working and can walk better if you fancy it it would be great to finally meet you! hope you have a nice weekend, think we're off to the farmers market on saturday morning! still not been to ck at gunwharf yet - have you? xxxx