Sunday, 2 October 2011

The Beach in October

Who would have thought that after the inadequate summer weather this year we would have spent 1st October on the beach in brilliant sunshine?

There were signs of autumn to be seen as we wandered from the train station to the beach.

A couple of conkers were spied and picked up to add to our ever growing stash at home, acorns(!) spotted

and a box left by someone's front gate labelled 'free food' which contained apples rom their garden. G and S enjoyed an apple each on the way from the station and back again later on in the day. Very tasty they were too apparently.

So where had we decided to spend the day? We took the train to Hinton Admiral in the New Forest and from there it was a 30 minute walk to Highcliffe and Mudeford.

This was a journey we had considered in the summer but never got round to for one reason or another and yesterday suddenly seemed the ideal day to give it a go.

Because it was kind of last minute we weren't really prepared and so there was no picnic, instead G treated us to lunch and from there we strolled back along the front to find a place to spend the afternoon.

Here is the view to our left

the one in fornt of us

a close up view of that seagull

and the view to our right.

G took photos of me having a paddle with the children and asked why I was doing a Rigsby impression all the while I was dipping my toes in!

We took a different route back to the station and walked through a nature reserve, this huge fossil was by the entrance

and we even spotted a deer!

The coastal path leads to Highcliffe Castle where a wedding party were having photos taken in the grounds. What a stunning car.

We didn't have time to stop and so G and I said that one day we'd like to come back (just the two of us) for further exploration of the castle. I only managed to snap a couple of photos as we wandered on past.

Maybe with a trip to the tearooms for a cream tea for good measure.

I am hoping that G has been able to sort out our computer issues and I can now get back to blogworld properly. Hope that hasn't jinxed it!


  1. You could take your northern friend there when she visits next time! It looks so lovely! xxxxx

  2. I love those pics, Lisa, especially the one with the seagull. What a lovely day you had. I must get out, I've been painting a door with some ancient oil based satinwood. The door is now yellower than when I started. What a disaster!

    You have a lovely Sunday.xx

  3. What a lovely spontaneous day by the beach! I haven't been to the beach for two years now! There is nothing wrong with doing your rigsby impression! Now then Miss jones!!! x

  4. What a lovely day out you had. My friend's brother is getting married at Highcliff Castle next week ! Wonderful location.
    It's lovely to see people enjoying the sunshine - we sat out for ages earlier & last night but were bitten by mozzies thn !

  5. Isn't it just glorious, this weather? Really enjoyed the sunshine this weekend x

  6. So jealous! I wish I could have gone to the beach too, as we still have 30°C!