Thursday, 6 October 2011

The Weather Tree

As quite a few people liked the strawberry paper from Phoenix a couple of posts ago I thought I would share with you all another of the items I bought. I did buy 2 other things but these are Christmas themed and I'll save those for another post.

I loved this idea for a poster which will keep us busy all year. It's called the Weather Tree and there is a leaf for each day of the year.

You have to decide which colours are going to represent each weather type and then fill in the key below the tree. There is a special space for the name of the person(s) whose tree it is and the year it was completed.

All around the tree are drawings with information about the seasons and the weather, such as cloud types

facts about snowflakes

and storms.

I'm, sorry of course I mean the children (!), are going to enjoy filling this in over 2012.

EDITED to say the company selling these posters can be found here Items are purchased through a 'trader' but if you don't know one in your area then you can complete an on line form and someone will contact you.


  1. That's lovely.Think I'll get on for a friend who has 5 children. Something for them all to enjoy.

  2. I think this is lovely & something I would have had or given as a present when my two were young.

  3. Hi Lisa, what a great idea. Where can we get one? Lesley x

  4. This looks fab! I want one so I have been googling phenix and weather tree but can't find anything - can you give me any more details about the place?!! thanks :)

  5. That is just the best idea......


  6. considering the changing weather we're getting these days could be quite a fascinating document!!

  7. That's brilliant. I haven't seen anything like that before, very original. I bet you'll all have lots of fun with that.

  8. There is a big kid around here who would love to colour in the weather tree! What a great idea! x

  9. I saw a link to you on Through the keyhole, thanks for the link to Phoenix I forgot about them, but always liked there illustrations. Will have to go over and have a look, that poster looks great.