Wednesday, 19 October 2011


Just how excited is it acceptable to get about a piece of plastic?
When the weather changes and it's no longer possible to dry washing outside it doesn't take long before I am completely fed up with trying to dry it all inside.
The length of the banister is perfectly suited for hanging the sheets and duvet covers over and a clothes airer we received as a wedding present is in constant use for everything else. The trouble with that is we tend to keep it in our bedroom and where ever it is in the room it's always in the flaming way!
So to try and make use of the empty space and (hopefully) warm air circulating on the landing I bought a retractable indoor washing line. Oh how I love it. It's green, it's curvy and the line is very, very long.
G has attached it to the door frame of S's bedroom and it can be easily removed when the time comes.

This photo is probably one of the best contenders for most boring photo ever taken. Our plastered and unpainted walls with sundry items of washing.

But the washing is dry! Oh the bliss of hanging it up inside the house and having it dry within a few hours. OK it's a little unslightly, but you only see it if you go upstairs and you may have to duck underneath when you get to the top of the stairs, but I love it.

Not sure if that makes me a complete sad case but I don't really care.


  1. What a fab idea. Might just have to copy you. So this probably makes me sad too ;) x

  2. Brilliant idea! My clothes airer is in my sewing room and I'm always having to move it. Willhave to show DH your little gem! x

  3. Came home to soaking wet washing on the line again this evening as SOMEBODY was too idle to bring it in. I definitely need one of these!!

    K xx

  4. We had something like that in the bathroom in our old house.

  5. A completely appropropriate post in these challenging times as an alternative to a tumble drier - and funky green too! xxx

  6. What a brilliant idea. Your landing looks exactly the same as mine at the moment, plastered and unpainted.

  7. you I can get excited over something like this, he doesn't get it. I also hang my sheets etc over the bannister, perfect and they dry with hardly any creases, a bonus.

  8. It's a nightmare getting washing dry indoors isn't it. I don't like tumble drying, it is too expensive and leaves the clothes too crumpled. Your idea is brilliant - I am wondering where I could put one now :)