Wednesday, 5 October 2011

Dotty for Storage

I do have a bit of a thing for storage items. Boxes, baskets, jars that kind of thing.
I also ahve a bit of a thing for polka dots.
Combine the two and I'm one very happy person.
Yesterday I purchased not one, but two said polka dot storage items.

The first was from the well known purveyor of elegant homewares (not) that is Lidl!
A set of two cardboard boxes for £3.99.
I was after something that would go in our bedroom on top of the wardrobes to hide all those things that need to be hidden at this time of year. When Christmas presents and stocking fillers are being purchased on a regular basis and so instead of laying in bed and staring at a plethora of carrier bags there is a bit more tidiness and prettiness going on.

The second purchase is for the dining room, in the space under the stairs. I wanted something that I could throw all my reusable shopping bags into and also be able to get them out from easily too. I didn't want something I had to stuff them into and have to wrestle out again each time I was off to Sainsbury's.

canvassy type bag for £8 from Matalan. Sturdy enough to stand upright so bags can be chucked in and large opening to easily grab bags from when needed.

Polka dot heaven for a storage freak.


  1. Love 'em. Problem is I can never find things when I have "stored" them away.

  2. I like them both. My bags are all stuffed in the cupboard under the sink and as you say, I always have to wrestle them out when I want one.

  3. I like both of them too.

    My reusable bags are stored either inside each other in the hall or on a row of hooks in the kitchen.

  4. My house has far too many polka dots .. and I wear a lot too. Glad to see it's not just me who's dotty!!!

  5. Oooo thanks for posting this, the red spotty one looks perfect for sorting my laundry if I get a couple. Are they big enough do you think? Are they in Matalan at the moment?
    Sally x

  6. Love the storage - everything should have a home...

    That Red spotted bag would look fab in our camper! May have to visit Matalan...


  7. From one Polka dot storage freak to another then!!! ....Great finds! I may just head down to Lidl! x

  8. Loving your storage solutions there Lisa. A good idea particularly for the spare carriers! There is always a battle underneath my sink where I keep mine! lol.

    Spotty heaven!

    MBB x

  9. Lovely storage solutions, Lisa. I'm a big fan of Lidl!

  10. Love 'em! There's nothing like polka dots to bring good cheer!

  11. Blimey, can't believe what a bargain those pale blue boxes were - ALMOST enough to make me detour to Lidl (a shop I've only ever set foot in once before) this morning!!

  12. Oh I remember " Do not Look " carrier bags on top of the wardrobe...I later went for a lockable suitcase under the bed !!!