Thursday, 20 October 2011

Thrifty Thursday- the Birthday Edition

My youngest sister is 40 next week and today I am wrapping up all the bits and bobs I've bought for her. This is the sister with whom I do the gift exchange where we buy just about everything from jumbles/car boots/charity shops etc.

Pink blanket £1.00, charity shop
Set of 2 dotty tins 25p, charity shop
4 bottles of smellies 95p, charity shop
Pink jug 50p, jumble sale
Felt flower and butterfly brooch 25p, church summer fete
Heart casserole dish £1.99, bought new.
Heart garden stake £1.59, bought new.
The last two will be given to her from the children.

Silver cardi 20p, jumble sale
Book 20p, church summer fete
Bookmark 25p, church summer fete
Notebook 25p, car boot
Monsoon cardi £1.50, charity shop
Butter dish £1.00, charity shop
Bottle stopper 50p, charity shop

Green cardi 50p, car boot

1989 t shirt 50p, car boot

Green star shirt 75p, charity shop

Blue floral top 50p, charity shop

Fat face grey skirt 50p, charity shop.

There is also a green flower pot which I have forgotten to include in the pics. Total, for items from me, with the pot at 49p is £10.09. Just a smidge over our £10.00 budget.

Now to wrestle with the paper and sellotape.


  1. what a great idea. You get so much out of £10 that way, what a fab selection of gifts!

  2. Lordy. What a lot you've got! And for a tenner! I'm hoping to do some of my ( dreaded) Xmas shopping that way. Problem is I've a terrible tendency of keeping things all for myself! Not good!

  3. Such a great collection of goodies for so little cost! You're a Ninja Thrifter if ever there was one! I do love those spotty tins :-) I have a big weakness for tins... but that's another story.
    Hey and having just spied your indoor washing line I think it's a very GRAND thing to have and I wish I had one too. Our outdoor line, is in the back garden which is rather shady in the colder months so not much drying happens there. I must have words with Mr H about an indoor washing line - I'll tell him Lisa suggested it ;-)
    Happy days to you,

  4. Such lovely gifts and a fabulous idea x

  5. Such a lovely idea :) Your sister is very lucky there are some great things there.

    With my sisters and our not-so-secret-santa swap we are allowed to include thrifted items to make the budget go further.

  6. Youve done brill again! Ive not been to a Jumble Sale for ages (not seen any advertised for a while) but youve inspired me to seekn one out! xxxx

  7. What a lot of lovely presents, I can't believe how much you got for £10. Your sister's going to be thrilled.

  8. I do this with my sis too!
    We have a homemade or charity shop clause for all our presents and hers are the ones I always look forward to the most!

  9. Fantastic idea. What a lucky sister. x

  10. Great selection of gifts! Have a sweet day!

  11. Your sister's going to have so much fun unwrapping her present, what a fabulous collection!

    I can't get over your charity shop prices; some of the ones round here are ridiculously high.

  12. The Birthday thrifty challenge! Looking forward to seeing the Xmas one!