Monday, 10 October 2011

Birthday Weekend

On Saturday it was G's birthday. As we would have been going up to Salisbury to see his family anyway he asked his mum if she would mind having the children to stay with her on Friday night so we could have an evening to ourselves.
She agreed and after we had waved them off at the train station we wandered into town and spent a lovely evening together and stayed over night at The Kings Head.

We had a very unhealthy but very satisfying cooked breakfast in the pub whilst watching England lose the rugby and then set about having a mooch around the charity shops. Our biggest purchase was this mirror. It's destined for the hallway. 'The shelf will come in handy for you' G said. 'Somewhere to put your keys and sunglasses when you get in.' I have to admit that most mornings I can be heard saying 'Now where did I put glasses?' as I tend to wear them all year round, my eyes stream otherwise. But I managed to surpass myself and I lost them during our wanderings before we got to G's mum's!

G's mum told me about a sculpture exhibition she had seen and suggested we should try and see too, outside and inside Salisbury cathedral

We were very pushed for time so we had a stroll through The Close and just saw a couple of them.

Not often G meets a woman taller than him!

We walked past part of the boundary wall to G's old school and spotted this blue plaque.

The houses around the Cathedral are very picturesque but it wasn't a day for stopping and admiring, although I did quickly snap this elegant display of greenery by someone's front door.

We were very excited about one of G's gifts. T had spotted it in Primark at the start of September and instantly asked if it could be his and S's present to their dad for his birthday. Knowing G would LOVE it I agreed.

His face was a picture as he opened it and saw what it was. He was THRILLED and trotted upstairs to try it on.

What do you think?

We laughed and laughed and laughed.

G says it's very cosy and his brother said he would like one too!

Yesterday I went to a Vintage Fair which took place in one of the University buildings. Mum came along with me and we took S too. She has a bit of a cold (again!) and so although I could have spent hours looking at all the beautiful clothes I was mindful of S coughing away and so we didn't stay too long.

Mum fell in love with a ring which I bought her and have squirreled away for Christmas and my two other purchases were this brooch for £1 (I know it's a bit chipped, but it's just so pretty)

and these 2 plastic masks, 50p each, which I'll save for G's table present at Christmas as we always buy each other silly hats or masks which keep us giggling through our turkey dinner!


  1. What a lovely weekend, sounds like you had a lot of fun and packed loads in. I love the mirror which you picked up on your travels. Happy belated birthday to G, I was going to say he looks very fetching in his birthday suit but I'd better not call it that. Love those masks too, they'll be good for a giggle during Christmas dinner.

  2. sounds great! What is G like?!! nice outfit! Perhaps he can wear it with his silly mask a christmas!

    Thanks for that link too.

  3. Lol! That was some birthday gift he got from your children!

    It sounds like a great weekend you had. Those sculptures looked amazing! Very lifelike.

    That brooch is really sweet your mum will love it.

    Hope S feels better soon!

    MBB x

  4. What a lovely weekend you had!

    Victoria xxx

  5. Ohh this post made me smile a LOT! I must find one of those suits for Daniel - Happy Birthday G!! :-)

  6. What a lovely weekend. I really like Salisbury. Love the mirror you got. I'm also rather liking G's fabulous outfit. Primark, you say? I must have a look.

  7. You guys are the most fun human beings ever made. Period. Love the b-day present, love that you and G had some "couple time" together, always love S. Cathedral (but am a bit spooked by those statues!), and am glad you're keeping up that mask/headdress tradition! xoxo

  8. Those are the most amazing sculptures - glad you ahd a good weekend!

    Pomona x

  9. Hi Lisa, we were in Salisbury on Saturday for a spot of shopping. What a shame we didn't bump into each other. Those sculptures are amazing aren't they? I have a photo of my niece with the very tall girl. Glad you had a good time, it's a lovely city to explore. Love the birthday present for G, really funny. Lesley x

  10. The Dancing Queen wore that outfit to 2 music festivals this year so it is very trendy!!! When my G was on telly, I thought it was hilarious that he spent ages looking for someones glasses for them - I trained him to do that (and keys and mobile phones!!). Your romantic break looks wonderful and belated happy birthday to G xxxxx

  11. Oh Lisa, those pics made me giggle! What a good sport your husband is letting you photograph him in that AND put the pics on your blog! x