Wednesday, 14 December 2011

Christmas Swap

Hello there, remember me??!

I've hardly spent anytime online these past couple of weeks and so I am way behind with blogging and reading what everyone is getting up to. I hope to catch up over the next couple of days, both with what we've been up to and also popping by the lovely blogs I follow too.

The reason for my post today is to say a huge thank you to Michelle for the totally fabulous swap parcel she sent me.
I don't enter many swaps as I'm not much good at crafty stuff but this one organised by Lakota over at was more up my street. So a big thank you also to Lakota for organising. The swap had to be a maximum of 5 items, one had to be a Christmas dec, one had to be handmade and at least one had to be a thrifted item.

I opened the card from Michelle first, isn't it good.

This is how my parcels looked before I unwrapped them, so pretty in their gold paper and colourful ribbons.

And here they are all unwrapped. A fab set of lip balms, a sachet of hot chocolate and some chocolates which obviously had to be sample immediately, a crocheted angel for our tree, a scarf in beautiful muted colours and the most gorgeous little notebook.

Here is a close up of the cover. Isn't it just one of the sweetest things you've ever seen?

Thank you again Michelle, I really loved it all.

Here are the goodies I sent Michelle. We actually posted our parcels last Wednesday and I know Michelle received hers ok. My postman tried to deliver mine when I was out so I had to wait nearly an extra week before it was collected from the Post Office. Well worth the wait though!

I sent Michelle a set of notebooks, a snowflake decoration, a set of nail varnishes, a handmade keyring and a purple scarf/wrap. Plus a little chocolate something for her two children.

Feeling very festive here!


bellaboo said...

Both lovely Christmas swaps!
Hope you are getting on well with all your preparations. :0)

topchelseagirl said...

I don't enter swaps, but you received and sent some lovely things.

Kathy said...

Hi Lisa, all the presents in your swap look lovely. I'm enjoying an advent swap at the moment .... a present every day for the whole of advent. It's so exciting!
Have a good week!

selfsewn@summerfete said...

Looks like you've been having fun too!
Did you enjoy London?
We did though it was quite cold!!

A garden just outside Venice said...

I haven't got much time for blogging lately so I'm missing what people are receiving for their Xmas swaps, decorating tips, etc.
You both exchanged some lovely pressies!