Thursday, 29 December 2011

Table Presents

I LOVED our table present selection this year. They had us in stitches. I love this tradition of ours and it is one of the things that makes Christmas for me.

G plays the guitar and so I was really pleased when I found these glasses, although the best find at a vintage fair was one of two false cheeks/nose/teeth combos.

Here's the same combo being worn with T's table present

and this is the other combo. G's little glove puppet Santa is my table present.

Here am I, although sadly the chins aren't false, they are all mine!

Just love this of T

Not sure which makes me laugh the most, seeing my sister like this or looking at how funny T is finding it all.

My mum couldn't escape having a go too.

I had bought S a sequinned cat mask which she said hurt her so she decided to wear the fan inside her cracker!

And then pretty much the rest of the day she wore these Christmas trees which were a gift from a friend and were unwrapped after lunch.

We took all the table presents to Salisbury with us so everyone could have a go on Boxing Day. G's brother looked hilarious and slightly scary at the same time when he put on T's.


  1. Christmas certainly looks fun in your house!

    Victoria xx

  2. Hilarious. I think the cheeks are really funny.

  3. What a great tradition! It looks so much fun!

  4. Yo're such a cute and funny family!
    Happy New Year to you all!
    Michela x

  5. So funny!

    Fab tradition....

    Lou xxx

  6. I think that's an excellent look for G's brother. And I always look forward to the unveiling of your zany headwear!

    But now I am reminded that I completely forgot to get out the crackers I had tucked away for Christmas. Ah, the trouble with starting new (to me) traditions; one forgets! But how about New Year's Eve crackers? Perfect!

  7. These combos are so funny, I love 'em!