Friday, 16 December 2011

Tudor House

When I go into town to meet up with my friend I we usually pop along to the City's art gallery, but as it was only a few weeks since our last visit we decided to try out the fairly newly opened Tudor House museum. The museum has been closed for years and has had major work and renovation carried out funded by the Lottery, English Heritage and the local council.

We had the place more or less to ourselves and took time to explore the rooms, play with the interactive information boards and try out the dressing up box too!

We both loved the kitchen rooms. Everything was so well labelled and informative. I would definitely recommend a visit not only for the house, but also for the garden which is stunning, no photos of that I'm afraid as it was so chilly outside and the cafe was calling. As the cafe is in a separate building you can pop in there without having to pay the museum entrance fee, we'll definitely to making a return journey in the warmer weather.

Casting an eye over the wall of the garden you can see into this house, which I never even knew existed! Apparently the Norman fireplace is one of the finest examples of it's kind still in existence.

And if cannons are your thing then you'd be impressed by this one, it's a belter, my hurriedly taken snap doesn't do it justice. Made originally for Henry VIII. Proper history!

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  1. I remember walking past that when I visited - it looks really interesting now! You make a great tour guide. xxxx