Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Click Clack

Picture this.
Me and S scurrying to school as we are a little late.

S- 'Mum can you hear that?'

Me- 'What?'

S- 'Our shoes.'

Me- 'Yes I can hear them.'

S- 'They are making such a loud noise, it sounds like we are off to an important business meeting.'

Get us!


bellaboo said...

I used to love the sound of my Mum's shoes as she walked along the pavement,especially if it was wet...I can still remember the feeling now....and couldn't wait til I was old enough to wear high heels! :0)

Jo said...

Gorgeous shoes, I love them both. Very fitting for any business meeting.

Diane said...

What a fabulous thing for her to say! I love her! xxxx (and the shoes are just fab)

Kathy said...

Isn't that so sweet! Lovely shoes too!
I usually wear flat and comfy shoes, but I still get a little thrill from shoes that clip clop! I've got a pair of boots that are doing it for me this winter!

Lydia @ Twelve said...

Bless her, what a lovely random thought - just the best!


Simone said...

I love clippity clop shoes!!! x

selfsewn said...

Oh remember the sound stillettos in the 80s!!