Monday, 9 January 2012

Down to the Pond

Thank you for the all messages concerning my back, I've been to the chiropractor again today and should be back to work tomorrow. Just need to keep on with the stretching and being sensible.

Saturday afternoon we took a wander down to the local pond and open space

so S could have a whizz around on her new pink bike

although she did fall off and graze her knee she got straight back on again.

It was such a bright and fresh day, just look at the colour of the sky, so blue.

The short time we were out was made complete by seeing this little robin busying himself flying from shrub to tree and back again.


  1. Ouch! I hope S knee isn't too sore.
    Glad your back is on the mend Lisa,take it easy now! :0)

  2. I always had grazes on my knees, I remember sitting in the assembly hall in the morning crossed legged picking the scabs! sounds awful ! but I could not stop myself. Great to see S out in the fresh air havin fun. Hope the back is on the mend, if you were closer I could treat you to one my aromatherapy massages!!!

  3. Did she rip her trousers? Poor little love ! Is your problem muscular or skeletol? xxxxx

  4. Glad to hear that your back is on the mend again, remember to take it easy though. Poor S, I remember always falling off my bike and having permanently grazed knees. It's nice to be able to get out in the fresh air at this time of year, so good to have these mild days.

  5. Wasn't Saturday glorious. I have a robin in my garden most days, he is very fond of my fat balls. Remember to take it easy for a while.

  6. Your Saturday was way nicer than mine. Mine waa spent trudging around high street shops and getting a bit hot and bothered.

    Glad your back is on the mend. xx

  7. Hope your back is improving. 'S' is very brave getting straight back on her bike. Lovely little Robin pic. x

  8. Hi Lisa, sorry to hear your back is in pain again..I hope that cute little Robin will be your lucky charm for a healthy 2012!
    Take care!
    Michela xxx

  9. seems like we have bad backs in common! though mine may be just bad posture, take it easy love xx