Wednesday, 11 July 2012

The Holidays Are Coming

I think S is going to be more than ready for the school summer holidays.
This last half term she has had a trip to a Hindu temple and another to the Mayor's parlour for an awards presentation. Next weekend the whole school has sports day, a sponsored trampoline bounce and then Year 2 have their leaver's assembly. Today has probably been the most exciting of all though. A trip to London for a picnic, sightseeing by coach, seeing The Lion King and then pizza. A treat for working hard during their time at Infant school before they go up to the Junior's in September.

Over this past week I have been checking out websites for ideas on places to visit and events we can go to locally, and slightly further afield, so hopefully we can have a our fair share of summer fun.

One thing I thought I would share as others may find it interesting is a free download from I know I have mentioned this web site before but it really is so good and is jam packed full of FREE ideas to do with children, both out and indoors. 
I have downloaded a copy of my THE SUMMER ADVENTURE LOG BOOK for (mainly) S to, hopefully, complete and here are a few pages to give you an idea.

A tick list of different places to visit

The different ways we may travel on our days out, I'm liking the piggy back option shown by one tiny snail hitching a lift on the back of another.

The type of weather we have during the holiday, should we just tick the boxes for heavy downpours now?

Another tick list, this time of activities which we may be able to do

There is even a page to record all the scrummy treats taken on picnics.

Here's hoping we get some of our log book completed.


  1. We must do this too! Although nary a puddle in sight, that is for sure.

    Unless you count perspiration...

  2. That log book is a brilliant idea!
    I'm sure you are all going to have lots of fun this Summer,despite the weather.Look forward to hearing about all your adventures.

  3. What a wonderful idea! How lovely for the children to go and see The Lion King and do so many other things too. Lets hope that when the school hols finally unfold it will be to better weather.

  4. Aaah, the log book looks wonderful. Thanks for the heads up. xx

  5. Looks like S will have great fun completing this lovely record of her Summer hols!
    I hope the rain will stop soon there..and will move to Southern Europe :)

  6. That looks great. There's some great websites with lots of free stuff to download if you know where to look. Sounds like S will be ready for a break from school after all those fun activities.

  7. That's a great booklet. My son is too old to use a book like that now but I would have loved to filled it in when he was smaller.x

  8. That logbook is such a fun idea. I will have to keep this in mind when our little one on her way, is a bit older..I think it would be fab! I like the option they have of travelling by magic carpet..sounds like fun, never been on a magic carpet before (never had enough air miles!).
    Enjoy the summer holidays..
    Magie x

  9. I love your plans!!! I may have to do this myself - but for me and hubby as my babies are no longer interested. I bet S is exhausted! xxxx

  10. Brilliant idea to fill part of the summer hols- well done!