Thursday, 5 July 2012

Things that have made me smile this past week...

A rain drop drenched poppy in one of the park gardens in town.

A visit to the Thai festival on Sunday. Lots of lovely food, chatting with friends and a variety of entertainment including a trio of Ladyboys.

S looking completely adorable and grown up on her transfer day, all preparation for Junior school in September.

A £1.00 purchase from the charity shop, snazzy blue Midwinter casserole(?) dish serving as our new fruit bowl.

This tin of shortbread from Marks and Spencer. 

Snowflake ballerina tutu skirts made for S's Barbie's. Top optional apparently!

My new diary.

Hope there is plenty in your world right now to make you smile. 


  1. Snap!
    I bought the M&S shortbread, just because there was a tin love thing going on....
    Love S & her beaming smile - & that nice candle holder on the fire place....
    Lady Boys! OOerr Mrs - Not happen oop North y.know!


  2. Made me smile too! S looks very smart in her uniform. :0)

  3. Lady Boys & bare breasted Barbies !!! Super tin & glam fruit bowl x

  4. Your daughter looks very grown up in her uniform. KP was the same with her Barbies - they were forever left naked. Love your new fruit bowl!

  5. Wow, was Ting-Tong there? Lady-boys and topless Barbies or should that be Bare-bies...tee hee! Such an exotic week favourite was the rain soaked poppy, says it all!

    Sarah -x-

  6. I think S looks very grown up too in her uniform. My daughter is off to secondary school in Sept. Lordy! Love the casserole dish - a most excellent buy. xx

  7. S looks so grown up, I think that smile tells us she's looking forward to changing schools. I haven't been to M&S for ages, I would have bought the shortbread too, just for the tin. Love the new diary, I'm a sucker for stationery.

  8. That beautiful big smile from that beautiful big grown up girl made me smile too! Love her. And those Ladyboys made me laugh too - saucy xxx

  9. Hi Lisa
    Thank you for visiting this week:-)
    Oh I do love the photo of S looking so proud and "grown up" in her Junior School uniform - wow! Where did that time go??
    You've had lots of lovely things to make you smile this week and thank you for sharing them with us too.
    Happy weekend to you and yours,

  10. Heehee-I bought the shortbread tin too, couldn't resist. I LOVE that Midwinter bowl, I collect bits and pieces of midwinter and love their quirky designs.x

  11. Thai festival sounds great, I'd love that especially the food! Hope all went well for S at school.

  12. M&S tins are great, aren't they? I have a double decker bus tin from my last trip to London in my bedroom.
    Have a good week and have fun with your children!