Saturday, 30 June 2012

June Scavenger Hunt

A few of this month's photos were easy to come by, a few were a bit harder to find and a few I'm not exactly happy with but they kind of fit.

My sister's dog Max enjoying 40 winks in the sunshine.

On the edge. Malcolm balancing on the edge of the back fence of our garden.

Before. Roses in bud in the Porter's garden in Portsmouth.

After. S has a toast stamp with a cute little cartoon creature on it which you press into the bread and then becomes more visible after it's toasted, kind of!

Symmetry. The x from S's handwriting guide.

Out of reach. The top shelf of the utility room with the flasks and picnic cool bag on, way out of my reach which isn't a problem as they aren't exactly in current use!

Close. A close up of the gorgeous colours of the beads on my fabulous new bracelet. I was lucky enough to be a winner in Simone's give away. A handmade bracelet from her etsy shop.

Diamond- who doesn't like these little cheesy biscuits, the scavenger hunt was a great reason to buy a bag and eat them all share with the family.

Crown. My new brooch. Love it lots.

Bunting. A mug of tea at my sister's house.

Majesty. None other that His Royal Majesty King Henry V111 with some common wench!

At night.  Fancy spending the night in this bed and spending a penny not too far from the bed if you get caught short?

Thanks again to Kathy for providing us with such an interesting list.


  1. Lovely pictures, well done on the scavenger hunt. I love the bracelet, how lucky to be a winner!

  2. In Yorkshire they are called "Guzunders" as it "guzunder" the bed! xxxxxx

  3. I LOVE those cheese diamonds - how did I not think of that?! Genius...
    Love the brooch too, it's a lovely one.
    Looks like you had a great month,
    Ellen x

  4. Great photo of the common wench with Henry VIII!

    Gorgeous brooch.

  5. Clever thinking for the diamond - I love those - always an essential at my childhood parties.

  6. A great set of photos. Nice to see Max enjoying the sunshine. I love the mug with the bunting on it.

  7. What a great collection of photos! I love the bunting mug and good thinking for diamond.

  8. I loved this post, especially reading the comments!
    Guzunder & common wench
    Bet you can hear me laughing down South!


  9. Max and Malcolm are sure cute. Max looks pretty happy relaxing and enjoying the sunshine (it's a dog's life!).
    Your crown brooch is very pretty, I really like it. I also like the bunting cup as well, very cute!
    Have a lovely day today :)
    Magie x

  10. Ha ha common wench! Nice to see your photos! I enjoyed this hunt, it WAS unusual and interesting! Before and After was the one I thought would prove the most interesting and there's been a fab variety! The cat on the edge is brilliant and the diamonds (and chamber pot) did make me laugh!!!!

  11. Great job Lisa. Thank you for including the bracelet for 'close up'too!!! x

  12. I love the bunting mug and the brooch...and Max of course!
    I could do with one of those chamber pots...I hate having to get up in the night for a pee! :0)

  13. Lovely photos. Made me laugh seeing the gazunder I have one under my bed. It originally belonged to my granny and I put it under the bed for a laugh one day...its still there! Unused of course.