Saturday, 2 June 2012

Victorious Vintage

Well haven't we had a lovely day out. With our friends S&J we hopped on the train to Portsmouth, our destination the Historic Dockyard for the Victorious Vintage event which is being held on both days this weekend.

As our arrival happened to coincide with lunchtime it was only right that the first thing we did was find somewhere to eat our picnic. The perfect spot was found just inside these gates

and past this very camp looking golden Roman Emperor

in the Porter's garden.

Where along with the normal picnic fare I had made sure we had some of these Great British Fancies.

I really liked these pinecones stuck on top on the plant supports. May have to use that idea in our garden.

These sweet peas look so pretty and smelt like summer.

The view to the left of the garden was the Spinnaker tower

and just over the hedge to the right was a ice cream van in a lovely ice cream shade of pink.

Once fed and watered we went off exploring.  I couldn't resist having my photo taken with this larger than life model of Henry V111. 

There were a few vintage vehicles on show including this VW camper advertising a beach buggin event in August down in Southsea

There were quite a few vintage stalls offering homewares and crafts. I really like this idea using a Scrabble board and tiles to record a special event.

There was also a lot of vintage clothes, just how tiny is the waist on this dress?!

It was whilst we were mooching around the stalls I spotted a fellow blogger looking extremely gorgeous in her vintage outfit. I did feel a bit silly going up and saying 'Excuse me but you are Land Girl aren't you?' We had a quick chat and even though I had a camera in my hand I completely forgot to ask someone to record our chance meeting, duh, but it was lovely bumping into you both, we hope you enjoyed the day as much as we all did.

One of the craft stalls was selling an array of wooden signs, this one caught my eye as is perfect for the long weekend's celebrations for the Jubilee

T on the other hand felt the 'Do not start with me you will not win' sign was more his kind of thing!

Being at the Dockyard it was of course necessary to take advantage of a jolly sailor photo opportunity. Thankfully T was happy on this occasion to humour me

as was G.

And here we have the complete J&J family looking very happy and patriotic in front of a huge Union Jack flag.


  1. It looks like you had fun! OMG that really is a tiny waist, if only!

    Feeling a bit tearful today, thanks for asking Lisa. :0) xxx

  2. I love your dress/tunic Lisa! It must go nicely with your toenails :)
    How great to see Charly there. I fancy some of those fancies myself!

  3. I really enjoyed your post Lisa! What a fabulous day out!! I really love your tunic by the way, that's a great picture! Ooohhh THAT DRESS!! I am in love! isn't it stunning...imagine having such a tiny waist! though in my dreams after having 2 kids!(or before!)
    What a coincidence to see Land Girl! Us bloggers do get about don't we! Have agreat Bank Hol xx

  4. Ahh you always look like you have the best time!!
    Now I want some british fancies!

  5. We have photos taken by that Henry too ! What a lovely day out & lots of happy pictures xx

  6. Hi Lisa, that looked like a fabulous day out. Isn't great when you find a fellow blogger? Lesley x

  7. The vintage event looks like so much fun, great photo's of the day..I love going to events like that.
    The garden area looks lovely as well, perfect for a picnic (those British Fancies look delish!).
    Enjoy the rest of the weekend
    Magie x

  8. It looks like a great day out, and dry!
    I like the pinecones idea too....might use that when we do the garden...when!
    The family portrait at the end is so lovely.

  9. What a fab day out, and I love the pinecone idea, I might pinch that for the allotment. What a lovely family portrait.

  10. Wow I love that red dress, so freakin pretty I would consider (for a milisecond mind you) starving myself to fit in it :o) xxx

  11. Didn't you have a lovely day the day you went to Pompey!

    Just love the family photo, what a beauty.

    Going to, like you pinch the pine cones idea.