Monday, 4 June 2012

How Common

We have spent all afternoon walking on Southampton Common and we were lucky enough to see a baby squirrel

cute cygnets

being very well protected by mum and dad

and this little robin hopped in front of us as we were making our way to the cafe.

But this one was even more obliging when it came to posing for photos. He flitted from table to table and was very friendly landing right next to us in his search of crumbs.

Wild young of a different kind!

In the cafe G and I enjoyed a hot chocolate complete with whipped cream and a flake, more the drink for an autumnal stroll but it wasn't quite up to long cool drink weather. T was thrilled to find they sold Bakewell tarts, this one was nearly as big as his head!

We took a quick wander into the cemetery, we didn't realise how huge it is.G and I are planning on going back for a proper explore one day without the children in tow.

Keeping in the spirit of the jubilee I tried to keep my eyes peeled for anything red, white or blue and managed a few things.

Whatever you are doing this long weekend I hope you having fun.


  1. Lovely pictures Lisa! Thanks for letting me know about the robin, I will try and visit there.

    Lou xxx

  2. Love the collection in the last picture. Nature all around just waiting to ne noticed as you did x

  3. Cygnets are so cute, but the parents can be really vicious whilst they're protecting them. Wow, the Bakewell tart is huge, I'm sure T will have enjoyed that.

  4. Lovely photos - love the ones of the cheeky robin! In our previous house many years ago we had a robin that would wait for the OH to dig up some worms for him! He used to come back every year. I often wonder whay became of him after we left.

  5. I only live over the road and along from the Common - we should meet up one day for a stroll around the Cemetary!!!

    K xx

  6. Awe, such adorable little animals! I like the little robin, they do have such cheeky personalities :)
    It has been more hot chocolate weather lately, hasn't it..yours sounded delish with the whipping cream and the flake (Yummy!). The bakewell tart looks pretty good as well.
    Thanks for your comment on my blog, to answer your question..I don't know who ended up winning the 'make your own' Queen must of been hard for the judges to choose though :)
    Have a great week!
    Magie x

  7. Lovely to see all the wilds animals. I haven't been out much due to the non-stop rain!!! That bakewell tart looks a fair old size! x