Sunday, 10 June 2012

If it really is June then why.....

 instead of fresh billowing laundry I do only have row upon row of raindrops hanging from my washing line

instead of paddling pools to cool off in are the only pools of water are sitting on the aquilega leaves

instead of enjoying family meals al fresco it's the snails who are happily munching away in our garden

All I can say to the weather gods is.......

and please may we have some sun again soon. Thanks!


  1. Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha !!!! That made me laugh Lisa. We actually had a very hot day here (I know!!) and I managed to get all my washing dry. A bonus indeed! Don't worry, it'll be scorching when I am back at work next week! xxxxxxx

  2. Lol! My sentiments exactly Lisa!

    I can't get my head round the fact that its June, even when we have had wet summers its still felt summery. And as for slugs and snails, Arrrgh I am devloping a real hate for them this year. Greedy things are chomping at all my seedlings this year.

    Lets hope the sun returns again soon!

    P x

  3. I couldn't have put it better myself!! We even have the heating on again!

  4. Loved the post! Brought a smile to my face! Why do we still have a hose pipe ban?

  5. We had a couple of nice days here over the weekend but its back to rain again this morning - just in time for school to start again and for me to try to catch up with the camping washing!!

  6. tell me about it!
    the workmen are here today, let me know when I can move in!!!

  7. Ha ha. I think the good weather is just being saved up for when we go on holiday, I hope so anyway, surely we're going to get some summer soon.

  8. You summed our weather up just perfectly!! Where is the sun?!

  9. Yes what happened to June is busting out all over ? or should that be bursting ? I've come home to a drenched garden & broken plants but at least my new grass is growing !

  10. What a lovely picture of the raindrops. Oh were is the sun!


  11. I completely understand your request, here the weather has been very changeable too since mid May, one minute the sun is shining, one minute it rains, especially on weekends :(
    Have a good week

  12. I know what you mean..doesn't feel like June at all does it. Here is hoping that the sun will start to peak out soon.
    Like you, my garden has been wet and the slugs have already had a big ol' feast on some of my flowers and veggie plants (expensive slug food indeed!).
    We need some Sunshine :)
    Magie x

  13. HEE hee! I couldn't have put it better myself! It does start to wear you down all this rain...perhaps we are getting it all out of the way before the olympics?
    This morning there is a little watery sunlight ~ phew!

    Sarah -x-

  14. Yes, yes, yes please - sunshine and lots of it. Love the post. x

  15. Indeed! Spring was two weeks in March and a week or so mid May whilst the school exams were on!
    If you'd blinked you'd have missed it!
    You put it all beautifully in a nutshell!
    have a great weekend Lisa
    Gill xx

  16. Hmmm, hear hear!!!
    Actually I'm reading this post a bit late and we have been treated to a day or two of seasonable weather - but I daren't look at the forecast......