Sunday, 22 July 2012

This past week....

..... has just been so busy. S has left Infant school. G and I went to her Leaver's assembly on Tuesday afternoon and I'm so glad I picked up a couple a few tissues to stuff in my pocket on the way out of the door. On Wednesday the children could go in dressed as a favourite pop star/ sports star/ character from a book. S loves Tracy Beaker and so went as Tracy's best friend Justine Littlewood. The girls are full of attitude and I tried to get S to give me a sulky 'don't mess with me face' but she kept laughing, this is the closest we got!

On Thursday G and I went to Winchester.

We wandered round by the Cathedral to see these bollards I had read about recently. All painted in the style of different artists. My favourite though was the one done for the Jubilee, bunting and strawberry jam, what's not to like?

We spotted this in the window of a sweet shop just down from the train station where G bought the most sour sweets in the world. 

For lunch we went to the same place as the four of us went on our day trip to Winchester last January. Great art work in the Ladies!

 Lots more great art work on the back of the local buses promoting what the City has to offer.

On Friday I finished work for the duration of the school holidays and in the evening I went out with lots of people from the charity shop. I did my last shift on Wednesday and the manageress also left this week. Plus another of the ladies had her 70th birthday in this past week so there was lots to celebrate.

Talking of birthday's I had one of those yesterday.
Oh my I'm 44 now!

Along with my sister, mum and some friends and their children, the four of us packed up a picnic and went to the local park armed with bats, balls, parachute, frisbees and a hula hoop and spent all afternoon eating and playing, mostly in the sun which was a bonus.

As usual I was completely spoiled and received some fabulous presents. The wheel fell of my shopping trolley a few weeks ago and couldn't be fixed and so G bought me a new one. Not just any design though, oh no I now have a red and white polka dot one!!! Just how gorgeous is this!!! T said 'you should have seen your face when you saw it', I think I must have looked very happy indeed.

From T and S I had a CK floral flask of fabuloussness, a pretty polka dot mug and the sweetest egg cup complete with a soldier shaped toast cutter.

If you have been reading my blog for a  while you will know that my sister and I only buy each other birthday and Christmas presents from the charity shop/jumble/car boot etc. Here is a selection of the items she has found for me this year, a ring, a brooch, a bangle, a beaded bracelet, a money box and 5 tops. 

What a lucky girl I am.


  1. Happy birthday Lisa. What a lovely time you are having & so colourful. Winchester looks great - must go !

  2. Happy Happy Happy Birthday!!!!

    S and T are as adorable as ever! I didn't recognize S without her glasses!

  3. Happy birthday, hot babe! What a fine array of goodies!! xoxo

  4. Dear Lisa,
    Happy Birthday! Love your Birthday presents an especially the polka dot shopper on wheels! What fun those bollards around the Cathedral in Winchester.

  5. Happy Birthday Lisa! Oooh,I like your gifts,especially the spotty shopping trolley.
    Hope you've all had a lovely weekend in the sunshine. :0)

  6. Happy Birthday! Sounds like a great week and what lovely gifts. I loved the painted bollards - what a good idea!

  7. What a fab week. That Wally Trolley is brilliant! xxxx

  8. happy birthday!
    omg wont be long before the teenage years!! (the kids and not you silly!)

  9. Ooh! Happy birthday, Lisa! What a haul you got... I love it all. The trolley, the flask, the soldiers...
    And I really must go to Winchester, it looks so colourful.

  10. Happy belated Birthday, Lisa. Enjoy the holidays - lovely now the sun is here! x

  11. A Very Happy (slightly belated) Birthday to you!! Sounds like you had a fun day out..lovely pressies ( I really like the shopping trolley and the pretty flask!).
    Have a lovely day today
    Magie x

  12. A Happy belated birthday! It sounds like you had a good one, love the polka dot trolley! x

  13. Happy Belated Birthday Lisa! Love those bollards and all the artwork.